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Since both the dedication and the oblation itself are God….!!!

The emancipated man’s yagya is God, what he offers as oblation is God, and the sacred fire to which the sacrifice is made is also God. That is to say that what is offered by the Godlike worshiper to the … Continue reading

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Who is the sage?

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Is this man truly like scattered patches of clouds because his mind is divided and he is confused?

If a small patch of cloud appears in the sky, it can neither precipitate rain nor join other clouds, and within moments the wind destroys it. Very much similar to this puny, isolated cloud appears the passive and unpersevering man … Continue reading

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The mark of a sage is that he is like an ocean…..!!!

The full and changeless ocean assimilates all the rivers that flow violently into it without losing its repose. Similarly the man who is aware of the oneness of his Self and the Supreme Spirit assimilates all worldly pleasures within himself … Continue reading

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“Although I Have Created The Four Classes (Varn)…..!!!!”

Lord Krishn sings in Chapter Four, Verse Thirteen of Bhagavad Gita : cāturvarṇyam mayā sṛṣṭam guṇakaramavibhāgaśaḥ, tasya kartāram api mām viddhy akartāram avyayam “Although I have created the four classes (varn)-Brahmin, Kshatriy, Vaishy and Shudr-according to innate properties and actions, … Continue reading

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Grieve not, for I shall free you from all sins…!!!

The chosen teacher-preceptor takes it upon himself to effect the gradual elevation of the pupil to ever more refined spiritual states and his release from all sins if, instead of worrying about his position on the path of action, the … Continue reading

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