A very rich accumulation of sacred pious divine impulses in our inner realm are must to reach and resonate with the spiritual frequencies of highly elevated divine Souls..!!!

I often contemplate with a very simple thought
that why people’s monkey minds have failed to gain a direct reply
from teachings of totally accomplished and enlightened masters
about the true definition in metaphysical terms of the words Guru / Sadhu / Swami / Enlightenment / Meditation and so on
to get rid of the confusions arising these days
instead of forming own opinions and getting diverted from it’s true essence
because of the fake interpretations which are done by calculating the demand of present mind sets
overflowing with materialistic lusts?
I fully understand that it is very difficult to find a true Guru / Sadhu / Swami to have a direct interaction
for such questions because of very rare availability
neither we have eyes to seek and identify them
nor they need general mass for wasting their valuable breaths
in commercial spiritualism of modern time.
A very rich accumulation of sacred pious divine impulses
in our inner realm are must to reach and resonate with the spiritual frequencies of highly elevated divine Souls
they can never get identified by any external means and definite codes
which we normally apply to make an approach to them.
Till our intentions are not purely metaphysical,
it’s very difficult to earn their grace
for walking the path to attain the ultimate bliss.
Only regular sincere prayer, intense devotion, true dedication
possible surrender to God can bring such opportunities
by divine arrangement on it’s own to happen in human life.

 Humble Wishes.
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The spiritual journey is certainly tough but never complicated if not miscalculated or misinterpreted……!!!

My heart gets filled with immense love for such householders
who are really struggling to traverse on spiritual path
to lead a life of an honest seeker.

It’s a different issue how much success has been achieved by them
in attempting to lead the requirements of a metaphysical life
maintaining the norms of present situations they are already put in
but atleast deserve for earning the sacred and pious divine impulses
which encourage them to take refuge in really enlightened masters
which are rarely found around the globe.

Within this human body,
in its mind and heart-the innermost seats of thought and feeling-there have always dwelt the two distinct, primordial tendencies-the divine and the devilish.
The sphere-the battlefield-is only one, the physical body,
but the impulses that wage constant war against each other on it are two.
While one of them tempts man to regard nature as real
thus effects his degradation to birth in lower forms,
the other convinces him of the reality and all-pervading domination of the Supreme Being
so provides access to him.

When the seeker takes refuge in a sage who has perceived the essence,
there is a gradual but steady ascent of virtuous impulses on the one hand while,
on the other, there is a decline and then the final destruction of evil impulses.
When there remains no malady and the mind is perfectly restrained,
even the restrained mind at last ceases to be
there is no longer any need of even the treasure of divinity.

This is the syllabus of the whole journey.
During this journey, what I have been experiencing that leading a normal householder life is almost
like to carry a heavy stone on back while living in ignorance
under umbrella of fake pleasures and getting crushed in birth and death cycles
knowingly or unknowingly for indefinite period.

And those who are leading honest metaphysical life
struggling for attainment of ultimate bliss have the burden of heavy stone on chest
while maintaining the strict spiritual disciplines with best possible purity of mind and senses
during walking the divine path though mange to reach to final destination at every cost
if the real spiritual journey has been initiated
under guidance of an accomplished and totally enlightened master.

But the householders who are unfortunately still trapped
somewhere in between the above two mentioned stages
struggling for Self Realization in guidance of accomplished Guru, have to carry
the burden of heavy stones on back as well chest both at a time
traverse the path with heavy heart in hands,
with the help of divine impulses earned through intense devotion, dedication and possible surrender.

Great struggle……really a great struggle.

It is the compassion of enlightened sages
divine grace which enable such householders
to win this difficult situation and finally to come out for final victory.

The spiritual journey is certainly tough but never complicated if not miscalculated or misinterpreted.

Teaches most revered Gurudev:

“Believe that adoration of the Supreme Spirit has commenced when,
even while one is leading the life of a householder,
there are signs of weariness and tears,
and sentiment so powerful that it chokes the throat.”
Manifold strands are entwined in love: of dharm, precept,
restraint, pious association, and sentiment.

Humble Wishes.

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How difficult it was to listen and believe….!!!

How difficult it was to listen and believe
when revered Gurudev instructed me to stand under a tree
hardly matters even if barefooted and address the zero audience
with all that HE had taught to me through divine intuitions
about the metaphysical concepts of Bhagavad Gita verses
around a decade back during my stay in a western country.

It was an amazing experience and honestly HIS instructions were followed.
That initiated journey is still going on though now in a different mode and situations
but I do not know how long this has to be continued?
I never knew that this will turn in an endless journey.

Every night, I try to sleep with a blank mind though unconditioned
after sharing all that which was with me moment by moment
but each next morning comes with an alarm of reminding me
this much was left over yesterday to get shared
that this task must be finished at an earliest
before I try to sleep today.

Bow down in lotus feet of revered Gurudev
for keeping my life engaged so endlessly round the clock
thank you global audience to afford to listen me
with such a great encouraging interest.

Humble Wishes.

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If we can not understand God, it’s better not to misunderstand HIM too….!!!

If we can not understand God,
it’s better not to misunderstand HIM too.
The divine path leading to Supreme Power is not too much complicated as we are often told or taught.
Tough theories with manipulated so called spiritual knowledge are always confusing
mislead a seeker from the real track.
General human psychology has been made a weapon to influence the mind of normal people
in the name of divine wisdom and a burdened spirituality has now a days been imposed
in ornamental languages.

I wonder when find people sticking with a certain camp in the name of branded spiritual lineage
calculating this on the basis of huge crowd being engaged there.
Feeling of my Guru and your Guru is playing a vital and risky roll in having a concluding and transparent vision that
Guru is a most highly elevated divine status and not a certain person with a living or nonliving identity.

The spiritual wisdom being imparted at this level is almost the same
because all the accomplished masters have found and uttered the same truth
at the maturity level of their spiritual austerities.
We must pay our all respects to such totally enlightened masters
try to listen their spiritual findings with great dedication.

I very highly appreciate that revered Gurudev always taught me to listen
if really anywhere some divine light is focused on true spiritualism
then try to find out the validity of my own learning.
HE never stopped me in listening others wisdom
because was always confident that nothing can mislead me
which is wrong and misinterpreted.

Once while travelling abroad,
I got an opportunity to meet with a real Sadhu aged around eighty years
who advised me always to be in a normal dress,
always prefer to sit on ground among and being a part of audience
instead of preferring to sit on a stage during discourses
so that people may not feel that they are segregated from me
because of having an extraordinary spiritual life lineage,
to live under such a hidden spiritual discipline so that instead asking about me,
people must ask as who has taught all these,
sharing the divine wisdom transplanted in inner realm by revered Gurudev
in the most easy and transparent language,
not to develop any spiritual organization and further to get involved for rest of the life time,
always to emphasize that path leading to God is never complicated at all,
that it is accessible to each of us
even the most heinous sinner and the poorest of the poor on this globe can traverse
this path without any burden.

He advised that with all these points, I might be more useful to the desirous people
in getting the divine wisdom imparted by revered Gurudev
widely spread and shared more successfully.
Some more tips were given to me to which I listened very carefully.

And I got an opportunity to convey all these to revered Gurudev.
Without wasting a single second,
I was instructed to follow all these instructions by heart with a big “Yes”.
I still remember the wordings of revered Gurudev which are:

“He is very correct and has shared all his life experiences with you
for which always feel grateful to him.
Path of Self Realization never demands any extra burden to be carried over
which may divert your contemplation
to any other subject except God.”

Humble Wishes.

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The man whose mind is clouded with vanity thinks arrogantly that he is the doer….!!!

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Desire is a terrible foe, for it deludes the Soul through the senses…..!!!

Desire is a terrible foe,
it deludes the Soul through the senses.

So knowing his/her strength and with confidence
in the might of his/her Soul,
seeker should kill this desire-the enemy.

Of course, this enemy is internal
the war to be waged against it is also internal-
of the sphere
of the mind

Attraction and repulsion lie within the senses
their pleasures.

One should not be dominated by them
because they are formidable enemies
on the way that leads to good
liberation from action;

they ravish the seeker’s worshipful attitude.

When the enemy is within,
why should one fight an external war?
The enemy is in league with the senses
their objects-within the mind.

~Revered Gurudev Swami Adgadanand Jee Paramhans~

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