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“Although I Have Created The Four Classes (Varn)…..!!!!”

Lord Krishn sings in Chapter Four, Verse Thirteen of Bhagavad Gita : cāturvarṇyam mayā sṛṣṭam guṇakaramavibhāgaśaḥ, tasya kartāram api mām viddhy akartāram avyayam “Although I have created the four classes (varn)-Brahmin, Kshatriy, Vaishy and Shudr-according to innate properties and actions, … Continue reading

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Grieve not, for I shall free you from all sins…!!!

The chosen teacher-preceptor takes it upon himself to effect the gradual elevation of the pupil to ever more refined spiritual states and his release from all sins if, instead of worrying about his position on the path of action, the … Continue reading

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The loving acceptance by God!!!

 _/l\_ “Humble Wishes”

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A lotus leaf is untouched by water…!!!

The lotus grows in mud, but its leaf floats above the water. Ripples pass over it night and day, but if you look at the leaf it is always dry. Not a drop of water clings to it.So the lotus … Continue reading

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The most sublime happiness….!!!

“Nothing is superior to the happiness that comes to this yogi, for this is the happiness that results from identity with God; and this ultimate bliss comes only to that man who is perfectly at peace in his heart and … Continue reading


Abandon all the fruits of action and take refuge in my yog with a thoroughly subdued mind…!!!

 _/l\_ “Humble Wishes”