Emptiness of what?
And what that emptiness is which helps a person in real metaphysics with its true terms?

Its very interesting question.

Can you get rid of impact of thoughts if try to rush to secluded places
maintaining a very far distance from different sorts of people only?
Will your mind and thought screen will get totally sketch-less
you go to jungles or any other places of your own choices?
Can you get lighten and totally emptied simply by making some sort of amendments in life style
with slight changes in daily routines?
Do we rally have time to stay and fix our mind and thoughts for few seconds
to think over about this great problem honestly

making a safe distance from conceptual debates about total emptiness?
 To me it looks that we are simply wasting our time in fruitless debates 
losing our priceless breaths one by one which are simply being thrown in air
in search of passionate feelings.
Honestly speaking, probably we are simply getting involved in an emotional flow
which happens just to share our inner feelings
so that burden of our mind may get little bit lighten.
Sometimes it helps certainly.
My concept is to be the master of that science first which can keep us totally secluded
as and when required among millions and millions of people
having thought waves of different types and intensities any where.
This is the first layer of wisdom.
Gaining after this, we must master the second layer of wisdom
application of which puts you totally secluded among huge rush of conflicts
going on in inner realm of our spiritual heart because of the impressions
we have already accumulated and are carrying forward
since last so many births and rebirths.
Main problem is with addictions which trap the mind at any place or in any situation.
How to get free from such traps of different addictions?
I am sure, we are comfortable enough to understand what is being shared here
with all such who are inclined to true spiritualism
and have a keen desire to traverse upon divine path.
Lord Krishn teaches His loving disciple Arjun in Bhagavad Gita:
“Even the learned call that man a sage all of whose actions are free from desire and will,
both burnt to ashes by the fire of knowledge.’’
With the acquisition of the capacity of perceiving non-action in action,
the man who is engaged in action grows into a doer of perfect action
in which there is not even the slightest flaw.
Restraint of desire and will is a victory of the mind.
So action is something that elevates the mind above desire and will.
Lord Krishn tells Arjun that a well-commenced action gradually becomes so refined and sublimated
that it takes the mind above will as well as irresolution and then,
with the burning out of even the last desire which he does not know
but which he was previously eager to know,
the worshiper is blessed with direct perception of God.

This happens only when one acquires total emptiness
execution of certain ordained action.

And then what that ordained action is?
Let us share my dear intellectuals.


Humble Wishes.



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  1. This emptiness can only be attained through detachment which comes through years of practice and self discipline

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