With warm wishes for a very very happy New Year…..!!!

With this so called happy arrival of New Year,
let us calculate how this should be viewed honestly?

I am in deep contemplation and very sincerely praying to God to get me clarified
this already approached New Year is an additional time added to my life for His heartfelt worshiping
just for wasting it in enjoyment of sensual pleasures with fully drunken mood of passionate desires
just to remember that I have lost one more year of my life in fruitless mode
which will never come back and arrival of the end of my existing physical body is now more near to death
inspite of heavy showering of warm wishes
in many prosperous ways by my near and dears
since last few days in a pleasant mood of celebrations.The fever of present celebrations may go on for almost one more week
after that the wheel of life will again start rolling down
in its well destined methods without any excitement being shown at present.

I think, we must try to understand the great message
hidden behind this great arrival of most Happy Happy New Year.

Hence, being the very first day of this already arrived New Year,
I have an intense desire to pray to God
to let me understand the answers of my highly sensitive queries
to plan my near upcoming future.

With warm wishes for a very very happy New Year.

Humble Wishes.
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