I think from whom to know….?

I think from whom to know
on the periphery of the great void
Stumbled by the relentless journey,
In the waning evening of weary life,
Why does my shadow look so long now?

Before the whole existence is extinct,
I have to reach that focal point of the infinite circumference,
Where the cranial action of my sanskars itself
I can settle and merge forever with that
In the great void, ahead to which in the free sky,
Flying with open wings, with a pure heart,
I can see that supreme light there
Where even the sun or moon is not marked.

The end of the journey of a disciplined life should also be disciplined,
So I cover all the windows of past memories,
So that now countless people who throw stones, again
Never be able to take a sick blow at cheerful swans,
Those who churn pearls in Chidakash with the Paramhansas.
Humble Wishes.
~ mrityunjayanand.©

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  1. Beautiful composition of self realisation and conquest over Prakrit

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