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With who should I play Holi?

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Love is God and God is love……!!!

Love is God and God is love. One can never experience the true heat of love without experiencing HIS presence within the inner realm of heart in true terms. And since God is immortal,the true love is too. That which … Continue reading

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Journey of the Soul…!!!

Soul can be damned as well as saved. To the man who has conquered his mind and senses, his Self is a friend who brings the ultimate good. But to the man who has failed to restrain his mind and … Continue reading


“Guru, God, Self”…!…”God, Self”…!…”God”…! One in three or three in one….!!!!

“Yes..dear blessed souls, blessed Seeking Hearts longing for Love that lasts.” Very true and touching too… But till we are misfit with our unrighteous impulses driven outer existence to reach to inner, nothing can be made possible. There is a … Continue reading

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Lit this eternal light with heart to heart and make this universe, a universe of light without any darkness …!!!

“The light among lights and said to be beyond darkness, that God, the embodiment of knowledge, worthy of being known, and attainable only through knowledge, dwells in the hearts of all.” [Bhagavad Gita] The only source of light is God … Continue reading

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Call of the womb…….!!!

Sings the great sage Kabir: Jhini jhini bini chadariya. kah ke tana, kah ke bharni, kaun taar se bini chadariya ingla pingla taana bharni, sushumna tar se bini chadariya. ashta kamal dal charkha doley, panch tatva, gun tini chadariya saiin … Continue reading

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