Those are the happiest moments of my life when any one asks me about most Revered Gurudev….!!!

Those are the happiest moments of my life when any one asks me about most Revered Gurudev.
Such a moment happened once few years back when dear blessed soul Sushrut Badhe asked:

“Your master’s image you did share, with so much love and care,
Whose voice was speaking was unknown, your master’s through you or lord krishna’s own?….
Oh! If on earth is a relation divine,
The Guru-Shishya is, it s thine…..May i request you to share- his name and some history from where he came?”

And what I replied was this:
All glories to revered Gurudev dear blessed soul Sushrut Badhe.

Let me share, what I feel is that one who gets totally dissolved with own identity is real sage or Sant (Swayam+Annt).
When nothing exists, which name can be given to such an accomplished and totally enlightened sage?

Such liberated man, who knows that Lord Krishn-God of the gods of all worlds-is the recipient and enjoyer
the offerings of all yagya and penances, and that he is the selfless well-wisher of all beings-knowing
all this he achieves the ultimate repose.

Lord Krishn says that he is the enjoyer of the worshipper’s yagya of inhaled and exhaled breath as well as of austerities.
He is the one in whom yagya and penances are at last dissolved and so their doer comes to Him,
the ultimate serenity that results from the completion of yagya.

The worshipper, liberated from desire by selfless action,
knows Lord Krishn and realizes him as soon as he is blessed with this knowledge.
This is named peace; and the one who achieves it becomes just as Lord Krishn is.

Like all others, a sage has to be born somewhere.
But whether such an individual is born in the East or West,
among whatever race or colour, among followers of some existing creed or barbarous tribes, or among the poor or rich,
the sage is unshackled by the established traditions of the people among whom he or she is born.
A sage rather holds God as his supreme goal,
sets upon the way that leads towards him,
ultimately becomes what that Supreme Being is.

I have such a regard for revered Gurudev that even its very difficult for me to mention
how people know him by his so called name.
But since you have a desire to know, let me share that people know him by the name of “Swami Adgadanand Jee Paramhans.” He does not like to live at permanent place and hence his availability has to be confirmed first prior to reach to him.

Bow down in lotus feet of most Revered Gurudev.
Humble Wishes!!!
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  1. Your single minded and dedicated efforts with HIS blessings have put you on a noble journey. You are one of the very few to achieve the state of sublime bliss. At the same time you have been ordained with a duty… duty to inspire the ignorants!

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