“Dharm” As Defined In Ramcharit Manas………A Metaphysical Interpretation…..!!!

According to Manas:
‘Dharamu na doosar satya samana/ Aagam nigam puran bakhana//’ (Manas, 2/94/5)—means there is no other Dharm like truth, which has been praised in the Ved, Scriptures and Purans.
Spontaneous question is then what is the truth?
‘Byapaku ek brahm abinashi/ Sat chetan ghan aanand rasi//’ (Manas, 1/22/6)—that Supreme Soul is comprehensive,
abides in every particle. He is one and never gets multiplied.
Since He is infinite, therefore is Brahma.
He is eternal, never gets destroyed.
That Supreme Being is the only truth, consciousness, bliss.

Resolve emerges later while God knows prior to that what is going to be done by anyone.
‘Ghan aanand rasi’: He is mass of infinite pleasure.
Pleasure is human requirement, which is in God only. He is all pervading but not visible.
Then where can He be searched?
It is said—‘As prabhu hridaya achhat abikari/ Sakal jeev jag deen dukhari//’ (Manas, 1/22/7) – Such God,
who is only truth, consciousness, bliss dwells in the heart of everyone, is existing as seer.
For example, it is the duty of light to remain lighted irrespective of the fact that one is reading scripture
involved in recreation.

Similarly, God, remaining unaffected by perversions, abides in the heart of everyone.
The whole world is poor and in miseries even when God is abiding in the heart.
Then, how to realize that God for attainment of the supreme joy and getting rid of miseries?
There is only one way — intoning His Name.
‘Naam nirupan naam jatan te/ Sou pragatat jimi mole ratan te//’ (Manas, 1/22/8) — Firstly,
evaluation of name should be done to understand what this is?
How it is intoned?
And once when it is understood, the efforts should be made day and night for the same;
intoning of the name must be initiated.

As a result of this continuous practice,
the God will be manifested exactly like the identification of a rare gemstone, its eternal value gets reflected.
‘Ram nam me antar hai/ Kahin heera hai, kahin patthar hai

Name is the same but if someone intones round the clock, finds simple gravels.
The same name if gets intoned by some other, finds diamonds.
In fact the method of intoning the name is to be awakened by totally enlightened sages,
to walk the path in their guidance is true worshipping.
Only by rendering the heartfelt reverence (shraddha) and through intoning the name,
one has simply to allure the God who abides inside human heart.
True surrender to God and to stabilize highest degree of reverence (shraddha) in Him is true performance of Dharm.

The form of God gets manifested by intoning His name.
Whenever someone intents to meditate, it starts happening.
Through the name Of God, His form starts appearing which initiates taking every care of devotee.
He looks after all that is needed, manages to sit for worshipping, keeps involved, helps in walking the path,
leads by making aware of upcoming dangers.
This is named as incarnation (leela).
It means how God manages to let a devotee fully explained.
A seeker starts getting the advance wisdom through God with the gradual elevation of spiritual status.
By moving ahead in divine directions,
a seeker completes the total journey to God.
After this one gets His direct perception.
God Himself becomes the vision in a seeker,
stands in front with infinite attributes which is named as abode,
and here is the final merger, seeker’s identity is totally dissolved at this stage.
This is called attainment of final bliss.

With this one gets liberated from shackles of birth and death and finally emancipated.
Hence all of us should intone the name of God.
By solidifying own reverence (shraddha) in one God,
while on move or being seated, we must intone the name of God all the time.
There is no unholy place for intoning the name.
Even if you sit by laying flowers, sprinkle perfumes but if there is lacking in reverence (shraddha) and surrender,
and not having the devotional stage like Bharat (‘Gadgad gira nayan bah neera’) inside your spiritual heart,
then that place is unholy.
Still that intoning of name is incomplete.

~Swami Adgadanand Jee Paramhans. ©

Humble Wishes.

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