Whom to speak about truth and reality?

Bolana kya kahiye re bhaai.

Bolat bolat tatt nasaai.
Bolat-bolat badhe bikaara.
Bin bole kyu hoi bichaara.

Sant mile kachhu kahiye-kahiye.
Mile asant musti kari rahiye.
Gyani so bolya hitakaaree.
Moorakh so bolya jhakh mare.

Kahe Kabir aadhaa Ghat bole
Poora rahe to mukha na bole.


Whom to speak about truth and reality?

When we try to speak about it,
its very essence is destroyed,
no worldly words can describe it.

When we try to bindit in words,
the truth gets spoiled
the difficulty is that how can you tell someonewithout speaking
how they will be able to understand?

So it is better to speak to Saints
don’t tell anything to unwise people.

Speaking to wise is fruitful,
but telling to ignorant people does much more harm.

Kabir says that half filled pot makes a lot of noise,
but filled pot remains silent.

So is true about spiritual progress.
When people progress a little, they talk a lot,
but when they realize the ultimate truth…..
there is no other option but to be silent
because at the end
it is only silence speaking to the silence.

~Revered Kabir~

Truth and Reality...!!!_/l\_
Humble Wishes.

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One Response to Whom to speak about truth and reality?

  1. Surbhi says:

    I appreciate your path, it inspires. Much Regard, Sir.

    Still speaking, for expression is my course.

    When the time will be right for them, it will strike at the right place…

    Till then I follow my course, for my soul sees and share…


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