***Welcome New Year-2022″……..!!!!!

Sings Sri Krishn in Bhagavad Gita:
प्रह्लादश्चास्मि दैत्यानां कालः कलयतामहम्।
मृगाणां च मृगेन्द्रोऽहं वैनतेयश्च पक्षिणाम्॥
prahlādaścāsmi daityānām kālah kalayatāmaham
mrgānām ca mrgendro’ham vainateyaśca paksinā
“…कालः कलयतामहम्..”……..”kālah kalayatāmaham…”
...unit of time for reckoners...
Sri Krishn is time among those who are given to counting its units.
This reckoning is really not of numbers and of divisions of time.
Sri Krishn is rather the progressive lengthening of time that is devoted to the contemplation of God.
He is the time of incessant remembrance of God not only in the hours of wakefulness but also in sleep.
And the same time…..added from moments to moments……
Seconds to seconds…….minutes to minutes….hours to hours…
days to days…weeks to weeks….months to months……..takes the shape of a year.
This man made present year-2021 has to pass out very shortly after few counted hours.
It will generate a New Year-2022 just before finally passing out
hand over the relay flag for onward time race to coming New Year as usual
with certain experiences to us
depending upon individual earned merits and demerits.
Who is this time?
And how this can be made happy and prosperous for each of us
without consent of it’s original owner?
Though we may wish to each other on our own
but better if our wishes are submitted in lotus feet of God first
then to get shared with each other,
with prayer for getting granted happiness and prosperous moments
to entire mankind with joyful impulses
to spend through out the coming New Year-2022.
I pray to God to bless all of us, a very Happy and Prosperous coming New Year-2022.
Let us sing all together this prayer at these great moments :

Humble Wishes!!!



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Be truthful……!!!!

“Be truthful” and that sets every thing dear blessed Souls. By being truthful,
you may be near and dear to only truth which is God.

God exactly knows what and how much one must know and how rest of HIS delusive maya has to be faced out?
Keep in mind that blinded by feelings associated with the operation of tamas, rajas and sattwa,
men fail to perceive the indestructible and the one reality that is God-quite beyond the properties of nature.

So He cannot be known if there is even the slightest trace of these properties.
So long as these properties envelop the worshipper’s mind, his journey is incomplete.
He has still to go along; he is still on the way.

God’s celestial maya, the power from which the empirical universe is evolved, is most difficult to comprehend,
but they who are always engaged in the worship of God navigate safely across it.
This maya is called divine.
It should never be forgotten that it is something that we have to vanquish and get across.

So beautifully sings Lord Krishn in Bhagavad Gita:

“The ignorant and unwise are the most despicable of men and doers of wickedness,
because deluded by maya and having demoniacal qualities they do not worship me.”

They who contemplate and adore God know this. And yet there are many others who do not worship.
Men with evil propensities whose discrimination has been ravished by maya,
the meanest amongst mankind who are immersed in lust and anger, do not worship God.

Start intoning God dear blessed Souls by any name you like consisting of two or two and half words maximum because this has to be synchronized with inhale and exhale breath at a later advanced stage and will certainly find by divine arrangement what exactly is needed.
Rest all is simply expansion of mind which traps you all the way.

And a big Yes…..”Encourage One Another”…..so that one may find the path…..this pathless path to get free from the shackles of birth and death at an earliest which is the root cause of entire grief.

Bow down in lotus feet of revered Gurudev for such teachings to me.

Humble Wishes!!!
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“O Agni, Enlightening Purifying Energy, elevate us to the right path, full of grace and joy…..!!!!

Agnim-ile purohitam
Yajnasya devam ritvijam
Hotaram ratnadhatamam

“All praise to Agni, inner purifying fire
(vehicle of sanctifying energy of light and warmth:
faith, enthusiasm, attention, spiritual yearning and commitment)
vibrant and pulsating within the body-mind complex!
Divine Radiance of the sanctifying enlightening energy having emerged from the deeper cosmic order of existence!
Showering precious enlightening radiance on those
in whom and through whom It is ignited and properly nourished!

Agne naya supatha, raye asman
Visvani deva, vayunani vidvan
Yuyodhy asmaj juhuranam eno
Bhuyistham te nama uktim vidhema.

“O Agni, Enlightening Purifying Energy,
elevate us to the right path, full of grace and joy!
Illuminator of everyone,
all our intents and deeds are never hidden from Your Light!
Burn away from us all our self-degrading contaminations
caused by the darkness of ignorance and delusion*!
To Thou, do we continuously offer our warmest salutation and reverence!

Source: Rig-Veda.

Humble Wishes.


बाहर जगमग उजियारा,
अंतस में घनेरा अंधियारा
सनेह के तेल में, नेह की बाती से,
माटी की काया में,
अरे अब तो सब दियना जलाओ रे।।

~मृत्युञ्जयानन्द ।©


अब पूर्ण और केवल पूर्ण समाधिस्थ ही होना है………!!!!!

अंतःकरण के कोने कोने में,
अनगिनत वृत्तियों के हस्ताक्षरों के बीच
कोई जाना पहचाना, आत्मस्थित फ़कीर प्रति पल
विक्षिप्तों सा कुछ गुनगुनाता है जिसके घायल शब्दों ने
अपना आधिपत्य कर रखा है मेरे एक एक श्वासों पर।

इस संदेश के गर्भ में पलते मर्म ने,
चीर दिया है सीना अब तक के शोधित संदर्भों का
जिनका अब न कोई अस्तित्व ही दिखता है
न ही कोई विश्वास शेष रहा अब पूर्व संचित विश्वासों पर।

“तेरी याद में जल कर देख लिया,
अब तेरी आग में जल कर देंखेंगे।”

तुम गुनगुनाओ मेरे फ़कीर, और गुनगुनाओ,
आओ मेरे संग, आ जाओ झूम झूम के गाओ।
मुझे भी अब तो गले लगाओ,
और अपनी अनगिनत स्नेहिल थपकियों से
शोधित कर दो मेरे उन बेसुरे सुरों को,
उत्पात मचा रखा है जिन्होंने जन्म जन्मान्तरों से
और मात्र मनमोहक यादों के झरोखों में उलझा कर
अब तक दूर रखा है मुझे उसकी आग की लपटों से
जिसमें जल जल कर ही, शेष बचे सर्व संकल्पों की
धधकती चिता की लपटों में झुलस झुलस कर,
    अब पूर्ण और केवल पूर्ण समाधिस्थ ही होना है। ©

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Now I have to be complete and only in complete samadhi……!!1

In every corner of the heart,
among the signatures of countless instincts
Some familiar, self-possessed mystic every moment
keep humming something like a madman
whose wounded words
have kept control over my every single breath.

Mystery grew in the womb of this message,
Ripped chest of researched references so far
which no longer seem to exist
Nor is there any faith left now
on the previously accumulated beliefs.

“I have seen myself burning in your memory,
Now I will see burning in your fire.”

You hum my fakir, and hum further more,
Come with me, come and sing in swinging
and swinging mood, hug me atleast now
And with your countless affectionate pats
Cleanse those dissonant notes of mine,
who have created turmoil since birth after birth
And just by getting entangled in
the windows of lovely memories
Till now kept me away from HIS flames
In which only by burning after burning,
and scorching in the flames of the blazing pyre
of all the remaining thoughts
Now I have to be complete and only in complete samadhi. ©

Humble Wishes.

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Those are the happiest moments of my life when any one asks me about most Revered Gurudev….!!!

Those are the happiest moments of my life when any one asks me about most Revered Gurudev.
Such a moment happened once few years back when dear blessed soul Sushrut Badhe asked:

“Your master’s image you did share, with so much love and care,
Whose voice was speaking was unknown, your master’s through you or lord krishna’s own?….
Oh! If on earth is a relation divine,
The Guru-Shishya is, it s thine…..May i request you to share- his name and some history from where he came?”

And what I replied was this:
All glories to revered Gurudev dear blessed soul Sushrut Badhe.

Let me share, what I feel is that one who gets totally dissolved with own identity is real sage or Sant (Swayam+Annt).
When nothing exists, which name can be given to such an accomplished and totally enlightened sage?

Such liberated man, who knows that Lord Krishn-God of the gods of all worlds-is the recipient and enjoyer
the offerings of all yagya and penances, and that he is the selfless well-wisher of all beings-knowing
all this he achieves the ultimate repose.

Lord Krishn says that he is the enjoyer of the worshipper’s yagya of inhaled and exhaled breath as well as of austerities.
He is the one in whom yagya and penances are at last dissolved and so their doer comes to Him,
the ultimate serenity that results from the completion of yagya.

The worshipper, liberated from desire by selfless action,
knows Lord Krishn and realizes him as soon as he is blessed with this knowledge.
This is named peace; and the one who achieves it becomes just as Lord Krishn is.

Like all others, a sage has to be born somewhere.
But whether such an individual is born in the East or West,
among whatever race or colour, among followers of some existing creed or barbarous tribes, or among the poor or rich,
the sage is unshackled by the established traditions of the people among whom he or she is born.
A sage rather holds God as his supreme goal,
sets upon the way that leads towards him,
ultimately becomes what that Supreme Being is.

I have such a regard for revered Gurudev that even its very difficult for me to mention
how people know him by his so called name.
But since you have a desire to know, let me share that people know him by the name of “Swami Adgadanand Jee Paramhans.” He does not like to live at permanent place and hence his availability has to be confirmed first prior to reach to him.

Bow down in lotus feet of most Revered Gurudev.
Humble Wishes!!!
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