The lifting of Govardhan Hill…!!!

Govardhan Puja is celebrated on the day after Diwali. It is the day upon which Lord Krishna defeated Indra, the deity of thunder and rain. As per the story, Krishna saw huge preparations for the annual offering to Indra and questions his father Nanda about it. He debated with the villagers about what their ‘dharma’ truly was. They were farmers, they should do their duty and concentrate on farming and protection of their cattle. He continued to say that all human beings should merely do their ‘dharma’, to the best of their ability and not pray or conduct sacrifices for natural phenomenon. The villagers were convinced by Krishna, and did not proceed with the special puja (prayer). Indra was then angered, and flooded the village. Krishna then lifted Mt Govardhan and held it up as protection to his people and cattle from the rain. Indra finally accepted defeat and recognized Krishna as supreme. This aspect of Krishna’s life is mostly glossed over – but it actually set up on the basis of the ‘karma’ philosophy later detailed in the Bhagavad Gita.

According to ancient Vaishnava legends the Vedic Deva (demigod akin to guardian angel), Indra (god of rain & lightning) was feared by human beings because he would either give the people no rain or flood them if he was not satisfied with their worship. When Krishna found out, he opposed the performance of sacrificial worship for Indra. He emphasized the importance of karma and doing ones duty. This made Indra angry at the boy Krishna (one of the incarnations of the Supreme God).

Indra thus invoked many clouds to appear in the sky and schemed to flood the region with rains lasting for seven days and seven nights. Krishna in reply then lifted Govardhan Hill, under which all the animals and people of the region took shelter, safe from the rains of Indra’s fury. Ultimately, Indra accepted defeat. He offered his prayers and left to his heavenly kingdom.

(Source: Wikipedia)

And now if to analyze the metaphysics behind such legends
Krishna’s lifting the hill on little finger
to save from a flood and Raasleela with Gopis,
a very important message comes out.

The hill was lifted on little finger of one hand only.
Why only little finger was chosen by boy Krishna instead of other fingers?

It has a deep metaphysical interpretation. In Sanskrit, “go” means senses.
Hill Goverdhan represents for total burden of senses
with its auspicious and inauspicious activities which one carries from one birth to another
till mind and senses do not get totally restrained
which comes through very tough spiritual austerities.

Now there is condition and till that condition is not fulfilled,
this burden can never be tolerated or carried out.
And that is to downsize the own ego form to maximum little extent
instead of living with highest level of arrogance
by showing power of fake knowledge and personality
which has no meaning and of zero value
while leading a spiritual life for attainment of ultimate bliss.
So to be down to earth should be the basic attribute of a true seeker.

Raasleela of Krishna with Gopis is also misinterpreted
normally people understand this act as a casual romantic game.
In fact our restrained mind and senses are like Gopis
once when these are tuned perfectly with Godly attributes
while traversing upon real path,
there happens a cosmic divine game round the clock.
This infact is Rassleela in metaphysics.

We must take into consideration all these metaphysical interpretations
which help a lot in gradual promotion of spiritual steps.

Humble Wishes.

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माटी की काया में, अरे कोई तो दियना जलाओ रे…….!!!

बाहर जगजग उजियारा,
अंतस में घनेरा अंधियारा।
सनेह के तेल में, नेह के बाती से,
माटी की काया में,
अरे कोई तो दियना जलाओ रे।

मंगलमय दीपावली की शुभकामनाएं।


-मृत्युञ्जयानन्द- ©2018

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To achieve the state of steady contemplation is real war…..!!!

The throng of unrighteous impulses,
desire, wrath, attraction and repulsion,
and of desire and hunger,
all deviations from piety are the great enemies
that create attachment to the world.

They obstruct the seeker of truth by launching a vicious assault.
To overcome them is real war,
to subdue them, to contract oneself within one’s mind,
and to achieve the state of steady contemplation
real war.

~Swami Adgadanand Jee Paramhans~



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Under canopy of divine wisdom….!!!!

I very strongly feel that entry of materialistic glamour
in spiritual life has totally spoiled
the real essence of metaphysics.
It has made the understanding of the divine path very complicated
its temptations are forcibly pushing the whole metaphysical concepts
to lose its initial sacred values.

What you have to say dear freinds?

For any true seeker, all the bare necessaties of life are fulfilled
without any requisition and for totally accomplished sages,
nothing is there in this universe which can not be made readily avaialable
instantly the moment it is wished.
This all is done by divine arrangement
because God always bears the burden of the ardent worshipper’s requirements
along the path of Yog.
Now it is a point of serious consideartion to contemplate upon
what is there so furious which compells to add fuel of glamour in spirituality
either for a so called defined seeker
for a self proclaimed spiritual Guru?

Not means but the determination of mind needs to be firm
in spiritual life for attainmemt of ultimate bliss.
But if the mind gets trapped in materialistic glamours, how it will attain firmness?
Tenderness, beauty, compassion, spiritual repose and consistency,
all are basic requirements to maintain the strict spiritual disciplines
without which metaphysical life becomes meaningless.

Is it possible to maintain all these by adding the furious fuel of glamour in real fire of spirituality
then by sitting for meditation for the sake of meditation
for attainment of ultimate bliss?

Seclusion, prime necesscity of spiritual life has become
the victim of hunger of earning name and fame.
Each spiritual aspirant wants to be an accomplished Guru overnight
from the very next day starts searching disciples.
This is the pressure of glamour which has entered in metaphysical life.

Nature is divided into knowledge and ignorance.

Ignorance is evil and sorrowful and, helplessly spurred by it,
a being dwells like a prisoner in physical life.
Thwarted by ignorance, he/she is hemmed in by time, action, and the natural properties.

Opposed to it is the yog-maya, the maya of knowledge,
of which God himself is the creator.
It is this yog-maya that fashions the world
the properties of nature are dependent upon this power.
The quality of doing good belongs to God alone.
While there is no excellence in nature which is perishable,
it is the awareness of God in knowledge
that stirs beings to strive towards his/her state of perfection.
Hence, why should be there a gate for entry of glamour in metaphysical life?

Difficult to assess but probably,
it is too a cosmic game the result of which is best known to God himself.


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To frame the attributes of God within boundaries of words and to discuss in details how spiritual wisdom has been understood in different modes….!!

It’s an interesting issue to share and throw much light upon
how we may frame the attributes of God
within boundaries of words
to discuss in details
how spiritual wisdom has been understood
in different modes dear blessed souls?
Each linage has it’s own experiences and excellencies.
I will prefer to keep myself neutral here.
After a certain level,

spiritual know how becomes indescribable as God himself is and even after knowing this,
instead how to achieve,
we like to discuss about achievements
at intellectual level in speech mode?

Duality/non duality, personal/impersonal…….I keep myself away from these factors
like to fix my mind on God with the abilities within me
hardest approach under strict spiritual disciplines.

But if to share,
looks to me that different steps and stages are there
to which we normally term with different words
but linked with each other and which gets changed
with gradual elevations while traversing upon this path.

Like if to say in one line for me…”Duality is a step to non duality”…
without having any intention
to claim whether it is right or wrong.

 To dive much in conceptual sharing invites debate which has no end.
I am wondered to see that most of our enlightened masters were without any academic backgrounds.
They preferred in showing rather than saying to their deserving disciples.
They simply worshiped God with intent
devotion, dedication and total surrender
attained the ultimate bliss with direct perception.
We have many concepts with different views and like always to keep them alive.
Probably because we have a wish to solve this greatest mystery only at intellectual level.
And because of the individual differences which will ever exist,
never reach to any certain conclusion.
Well scriptures are always with us which work as lamp posts and are the authority
on what ought and ought not to be done.
But I prefer to dive in ordained action first
then to refer scripture for further guidance when required.
To define and confine God within the boundaries of few words looks to be very difficult for me.
I don’t know how God would prefer to appear before me and since He is indescribable,
how I would be able to describe HIM or HIS attributes
the last moments of my Self Realization?
I accept Bhagavad Gita as seed scripture
for entire mankind around the globe
always get practical guidance from metaphysical depths of it’s verses.
Bhagavad Gita sings:
“It is the ignorant rather than men of wisdom
who make distinction between Way of Knowledge and the Way of Selfless Action i.e Way of Devotion,
for he who dwells well in any one of the two attains to God.”
And then:
“That man perceives reality who regards
the Way of Knowledge and the Way of Selfless Action as identical,
because the liberation attained by knowledge is also achieved by selfless action.”
The goal which is reached by the worshiper of knowledge and discrimination is also achieved
the doer of selfless action.
So he knows the truth who regards the two ways as similar
from the point of view of consequence.

To my experience, adoration starts with Saguna and ends with Nirguna.
But again this is how I feel with great respect to Spiritual wisdom of our most revered sages
without any doubt.
May be, my experiences are from a very plane surface,
too far from the reality
this is how I personally experience.

Humble Wishes!
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Real path of Self Realization…!!!

That which initiates
from and ends
in lotus feet
“Enlightened Guru”
Path of Self Realization.

Humble Wishes.

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