***Welcome New Year-2022″……..!!!!!

Sings Sri Krishn in Bhagavad Gita:
प्रह्लादश्चास्मि दैत्यानां कालः कलयतामहम्।
मृगाणां च मृगेन्द्रोऽहं वैनतेयश्च पक्षिणाम्॥
prahlādaścāsmi daityānām kālah kalayatāmaham
mrgānām ca mrgendro’ham vainateyaśca paksinā
“…कालः कलयतामहम्..”……..”kālah kalayatāmaham…”
...unit of time for reckoners...
Sri Krishn is time among those who are given to counting its units.
This reckoning is really not of numbers and of divisions of time.
Sri Krishn is rather the progressive lengthening of time that is devoted to the contemplation of God.
He is the time of incessant remembrance of God not only in the hours of wakefulness but also in sleep.
And the same time…..added from moments to moments……
Seconds to seconds…….minutes to minutes….hours to hours…
days to days…weeks to weeks….months to months……..takes the shape of a year.
This man made present year-2021 has to pass out very shortly after few counted hours.
It will generate a New Year-2022 just before finally passing out
hand over the relay flag for onward time race to coming New Year as usual
with certain experiences to us
depending upon individual earned merits and demerits.
Who is this time?
And how this can be made happy and prosperous for each of us
without consent of it’s original owner?
Though we may wish to each other on our own
but better if our wishes are submitted in lotus feet of God first
then to get shared with each other,
with prayer for getting granted happiness and prosperous moments
to entire mankind with joyful impulses
to spend through out the coming New Year-2022.
I pray to God to bless all of us, a very Happy and Prosperous coming New Year-2022.
Let us sing all together this prayer at these great moments :

Humble Wishes!!!



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  1. The New Year wishes as you have advocated is not only pious but also enlightening. Being ignorant we have deviated from the path of realisation and ventured into the materialistic world where only “मिथ्या” prevails. No, we can’t and shouldn’t blame others for our moral degradation. Wasn’t it our own choice? It’s time to be honest and mend our ways.
    Best Wishes

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