Divine arrangements are constantly unfolding. Is the goal of these arrangements’ happiness…….???

Divine arrangements are constantly unfolding. Is the goal of these arrangements’ happiness?
It’s a beautiful question dear blessed soul Jason Skeie. U.S.

Yes, the goal of constantly unfolding of divine arrangements is happiness.

Now you may ask: Why or How?

Because happiness lies in God only, and the intuitive perception of that Supreme Spirit is knowledge.
Real and lasting happiness cannot be won through physical pleasures.
Lasting happiness can come only by the discipline of the mind and faith in the Lord
which cannot be diminished by good or bad fortune.
Man has to use the power of discrimination given to him to fight the evil forces within him
and to foster the Divine elements in him by his own effort,
by listening to the voice of his conscience.
All such happen when divine arrangements are constantly unfolding.

Lord Krishn sings in Bhgavad Gita:

“The man who knows his Self and whose happiness and peace lie within merges into God,
and he attains to the final beatitude that lies in him.”

The man, who is joyous within, at peace within, and illumined within by his perception of the Self
and the identical Universal Spirit, is a realized sage who is united with God and who attains to his ineffable state.

He is the real man (nara=na+raman)-one who is not given to physical dalliance.
Even while he is living in the mortal body, he is capable of facing the fierce urges of passion and anger,
and of destroying them.
He has achieved selfless action in the world, and he is happy.
He has won the happiness of identity with God in which there is no grief.
According to divine ordinance, this happiness is acquired in this mortal,
worldly life itself and not after the death of the physical body.

Bhagavad Gita sings:
“That happiness which both initially and finally beguile the Self,
and which arises from slumber, lethargy, and negligence, is said to be of the nature of ignorance.’’

“That happiness which springs from the association of the senses with their objects,
and which is like nectar at the beginning but like gall at the end, is said to be tainted with passion and moral blindness.’’

“That happiness which is at first like poison but finally tastes like nectar,
for it issues forth from the lucidity of an intellect that has realized the Self, is of an impeccable nature.”

Bow down in lotus feet of Revered Gurudev for such learning to me.


Humble Wishes.

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