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Lit this eternal light with heart to heart and make this universe, a universe of light without any darkness …!!!

“The light among lights and said to be beyond darkness, that God, the embodiment of knowledge, worthy of being known, and attainable only through knowledge, dwells in the hearts of all.” [Bhagavad Gita] The only source of light is God … Continue reading

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How witness at the beginning is transformed into the Supreme Spirit himself…?

Jeeva/Maya/Supreme being and then Jeeva/Supreme Being minus Maya and then remains only Supreme Being with final merger getting minus to Jeeva and Maya. Bhagavad Gita sings: upadrastānumantā ca bhartā bhoktā maheśvarah paramātmeti cāpyukto dehe’sminpurusah parah “Although residing in the body, … Continue reading

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“Being omnipresent, you are every where….O’ Lord Rama!”

This is an excert from Tulsidas Goswami’s magnum opus,epic of poems “Ramcharitmanas”….(The lake of acts of RAMA)…..!!! When Rama,Lakshman and Sita reach sage Valmiki Ashram,Rama asks, “Where should he stay? Sage Valmiki replies, “Being omnipresent,you are every where.” Then sage … Continue reading

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