Lit this eternal light with heart to heart and make this universe, a universe of light without any darkness …!!!

“The light among lights and said to be beyond darkness,
that God,
the embodiment of knowledge,
worthy of being known,
attainable only through knowledge,
in the hearts of all.”
[Bhagavad Gita]

The only source of light is God
which lights to all the lights
dwells in heart of each soul.

Dispel the darkness dear blessed souls forever….
Lit this eternal light with heart to heart
make this universe, a universe of light without any darkness
anywhere……… any corner….
either upon external or internal surface of life.

Let the vessel of splendor shine.

May God light each soul with HIS eternal light.

Only very few hours are left to start the final cracking of endless crackers within the realm
dear blessed souls
dance welcoming the eternal light which has been ever lighting
dispel the darkness at each surface of life
around the globe.

We are already in process of progress slowly and slowly
to lit this eternal light with heart to heart…….
yes…with heart to heart.

But yet I beg your few moments to share with me.
Do you know why only seven flames are glowing in image above?

Any answer?
Yes…no…oh no…yes…!!!
Not a mystery dear blessed souls,
but a tiny secret behind the curtain of joyful tears of each seeker.

Seven flames
symbol of
Seven successive stages of yog……!!!

virtuous aspiration,
refinement of spirit,
inclination to truth,
advancement on the spiritual path towards union with God
along with them
the moulding of the four faculties of mind, intellect, thought and ego
in accordance with the demands of yog,
Which are all creations of God’s will.

They all arise from the determination to realize HIM.

One has to achieve all these stages
while traversing upon
“Path of Self Realization”.

Revered sage Kabir sings:

“…Within this vessel are the seven oceans and the unnumbered stars….”

Is not this?

jyoti kalash chhalake—huye gulaabee,laal sunahare—rang dal baadal ke

ghar aangan wan upawan upawan—karatee jyoti amariat ke poojan
mangal ghat dhalake,
jyoti kalash chhalake

paat paat birawaa hariyaalaa—dharatee kaa mukh huaa ujaalaa
sach sapanen kal ke,
jyoti kalash chhalake

usha ne aanchal failaayaa—failee sukh kee sheetal chhaayaa
neeche aanchal ke,
jyoti kalash chhalake

Humble Wishes!!!
Gratitude: YouTube.

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