“Being omnipresent, you are every where….O’ Lord Rama!”

This is an excert from Tulsidas Goswami’s magnum opus,epic of poems “Ramcharitmanas”….(The lake of acts of RAMA)…..!!!

When Rama,Lakshman and Sita reach sage Valmiki Ashram,Rama asks,

“Where should he stay?

Sage Valmiki replies,

“Being omnipresent,you are every where.”

Then sage Valmiki describes to Rama,where he should reside.The obvious answer is……“In devotees heart”.

Lord Rama,Your image is beyond the scope of words and the purview of intellect.Beyond understanding and description and without limits.

“Not this nor that”….(that is how)…always holy scriptures describe your image.

Listen Rama,now I will describe your home where you reside with Sita and Lakshman……!!!

Those whose ears are filled with your tales like an ocean is filled with rivers though filled unceasingly,it never overflows.Their hearts you should call abode…..!!!

And those whose eyes are thirsty for your sight like a “Chatak” bird which waits for the rain drops from the sky(with an open beak),in their hearts,you should make your happy homeandstay with your brother(lakshman) and Sita,o leader of Raghu (clan)…!!!

And those who from the lake of your pure glory,like a discerning tongue of a swan select only the pearls of your virtues,stay in their hearts Rama….!!!

And those whose nostrils are always filled with the sweet smell of offering to you,those who eat food only after offering to you first and wear cloths and ornaments from the offerings……,those whose hands are always occupied in serving you and their hearts find no other refuge but in you…….,and those whose feet take them to the holy places your pilgrimage,Rama..,reside in their minds….!!!

Those who asks for only one boon so their mind is occupied in your quest in the sanctum of their mind,live both you and Sita,O’ son of Raghu……..!!!

Those who have over come lust,anger,arrogance,pride and craving greed,envy,wrath and hatredand those in whose hearts there is neither treachery,hypocrisy nor deceit in their hearts you should reside,King of Raghu…..!!!

Those who speak truth,graciously and with prudence and awake or asleep are in your mercy….,and for whom there is no other destination but you Rama,reside in their minds……!!!

And for whom you are the protector,companion,father,mother,teacher and respected elder,in the temple of their mind…..you two brothers should reside with Sita….!!!

And those who ascribe all their virtues to you and the short comings to themselves Thus firmly established in your faith and for whom their devotion in you is their happiness in their heart you should stay with Vaidehi (princess of Videh Kingdom = Sita)……!!!

One’s caste,race,wealth and false pride in the religion,near and dear relatives and pleasing house,those who renounce the above but keep you in their hearts,In their hearts you should stay……,O king of Raghu……!!!

And those who desire for nothing else but natural effortless love for you!Remain in their minds for ever,Because in their heart,where your true home is…!!!

~Sant Tulsidas~ 

A very clear vision of great sage 
 Lord’s home where HE resides
which is glowing as lamp post
to get eternal light
while traversing upon
“Path of Self Realization.”

My sincere prayer to Lord Rama to reside and remain in the mind of each soul at this occasion of great Indian festival of Vijaya Dashmi, a festival of victory of righteous impulses over unrighteous impulses
being celebrated here on this day of
October, Twenty Fourth ,2012. 

Humble Wishes!!!
Gratitude: YouTube.

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