Naiharva Hum Ka Na Bhave ….!!!

Naiharva Hum Ka Na Bhave

Sai Ki Nagri Param Ati Sundar, tadbhāsayate sūryo
Jahan Koi Jav Na Avey na śaśāṅko na pāvakaḥ
Chand Suraj Jahan, Pavan Na Pani, yadgatvā na nivartaṁte
Ko Sundesh Pahunchave taddhāma paramaṁ mama
Dard Yeh Sai Ko Sunave

Agey Chalo Panth Nahin Sujhe, reaching which
Peeche Dosh Lagawe there is no return,
Kehi Bidhi Sasure Jau Mori Sajani,
Virha Jor Jarawe Vishai Ras Nach Nachawe

Bin Satguru Apno Nahin Koi,
Jo Yeh Rah Batawe neither the sun
Kahat Kabira Suno Bhai Sadho,
Supne Na Pitam Awey nor by fire
Tapan Yeh Jiya Ki Bujhawey

Naiharva Hum Ka Na Bhave ….!!!!

I Don’t Find any Interest in My Parent’s House
My Beloved’s Town is Most Beautiful
However, Nobody Goes or Comes from There
There is no Moon, Sun, Wind or Water There
Then Who Will Take My Message There?
Then Who Will Tell My Pain to My Beloved?

There is No Visible Path to Move Forward
And You Blame the Past for It
How Should the Bride go to the House of the Beloved?
Powerful Pangs of Separation are Burning from Inside
Dual Reality is Fashioning a Dance to Its Tune

There is None Other Than the Guru Who is Mine Who Can Tell the Way
Says Kabir Listen oh Aspirant
Your Beloved Will Come in a Dream-like State
That Alone Will Quench the Thirst of your Heart 


The same expression of the most revered sage Kabir
resonates with
“Bhagavad Gita”

न तद्भासयते सूर्यो न शशाङ्को न पावकः।
यद्गत्वा न निवर्तंते तद्धाम परमं मम॥१५-६॥
na tadbhāsayate sūryo na śaśāṅko na pāvakaḥ|
yadgatvā na nivartaṁte taddhāma paramaṁ mama||15-6||

“That after reaching which there is no return, and which is illumined by neither the sun nor the moon, nor by fire, is my supreme abode.’’

A true pain of seeker
emerging out as vision from
“Path of Self Realization.”

Humble Wishes!!!
Gratitude: YouTube. 

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