O Sadhu! practice that Word….!!!

Receive that Word from which the Universe springeth!
That word is the Guru;
I have heard it,
become the disciple.
How many are there who know the meaning of that word?
O Sadhu! practice that Word!
~Revered Sage Kabir~

And says Revered Gurudev :
OM is symbol of the Supreme Spirit, among words.
Jap Yagya is the Image of that special form of worship
enables a worshiper to be united with God.

Therefore, it is remembrance of the Supreme Spirit
recitation of his name.
When after having crossed the stages of two kinds of speech,
the audible and the muttered,
the name reaches the stage of yagya,
it is then recited
neither articulated speech
from the throat;
even in thought;
it then infuses every breath.

There is then only a surging ahead unceasingly
with the vision of mind in God
engraved on every breath.

Om 1_/l\_
Humble Wishes.

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