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Be truthful……!!!!

“Be truthful” and that sets every thing dear blessed Souls. By being truthful, you may be near and dear to only truth which is God. God exactly knows what and how much one must know and how rest of HIS … Continue reading

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“O Agni, Enlightening Purifying Energy, elevate us to the right path, full of grace and joy…..!!!!

Agnim-ile purohitam Yajnasya devam ritvijam Hotaram ratnadhatamam “All praise to Agni, inner purifying fire (vehicle of sanctifying energy of light and warmth: faith, enthusiasm, attention, spiritual yearning and commitment) vibrant and pulsating within the body-mind complex! Divine Radiance of the … Continue reading


अब पूर्ण और केवल पूर्ण समाधिस्थ ही होना है………!!!!!

अंतःकरण के कोने कोने में, अनगिनत वृत्तियों के हस्ताक्षरों के बीच कोई जाना पहचाना, आत्मस्थित फ़कीर प्रति पल विक्षिप्तों सा कुछ गुनगुनाता है जिसके घायल शब्दों ने अपना आधिपत्य कर रखा है मेरे एक एक श्वासों पर। इस संदेश के … Continue reading

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Now I have to be complete and only in complete samadhi……!!1

In every corner of the heart, among the signatures of countless instincts Some familiar, self-possessed mystic every moment keep humming something like a madman whose wounded words have kept control over my every single breath. Mystery grew in the womb … Continue reading

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Those are the happiest moments of my life when any one asks me about most Revered Gurudev….!!!

Those are the happiest moments of my life when any one asks me about most Revered Gurudev. Such a moment happened once few years back when dear blessed soul Sushrut Badhe asked: “Your master’s image you did share, with so … Continue reading

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