A householder is not essentially a sinful man….!!!

Lord Krishna sings in Bhagavad Gita:

“Even if a man of the most depraved conduct worships incessantly, he is worthy of being regarded as a saint
he is a man of true resolve.”

 Who can be more fallen,
the man who is already absorbed in divine adoration
the man who has not yet been initiated into the process?
What is pledged here is thus for all mankind.
Even persons of sinful conduct can achieve final emancipation
finding shelter under God.

A householder is not essentially a sinful man....!

A householder is not essentially a sinful man.
Moreover, the order to which he belongs is, as we have already seen,
the starting point of the scripturally ordained action.

Climbing ever higher, although step by step,
the householder will also achieve the state of a yogi
become a part of the supreme essence and,
his form will be,
as Yogeshwar Krishn says,
like the form of God himself.

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Still like a newly borne baby, crying in lap of most revered Gurudev with closed eyes. I know nothing more than this "About Me". This given name "Mrityunjayanand" is HIS blessing. Each word being shared is HIS grace, blessings, teachings where I stand simply as HIS mouthpiece and nothing is here on or of my own. My efforts to spread HIS divine and intuitive teachings are HIS instructions and my humble services in lotus feet of most revered Gurudev. Humble Wishes!!!
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