A journey is complete only when the destination is reached…!!!

There is first destruction of perversions-alien impulses
such as
attachment and aversion,
the emergence of perception,
finally submersion in the all-pervading ocean of final beatitude.

He is a superior man who exerts inner (rather than external) control over his senses,
so that
his mind is freed from passions,
who does his duty in a state of total desirelessness.

Self alone is true and eternal.

True knowledge comes about when the mind reins itself in from all externals
dwells with the Self.
This adherence to truth is cultivated by incessant reflection,

Through births, low and high,this Soul has been making his physical journey
an unknown beginning.

Action is something that completes this journey.

If there is yet to be another birth,
the journey is still incomplete.
The seeker is still on his way,traveling through bodies.

A journey is complete only when the destination is reached.

[Revered Adgadanandji Gurudev]

A long way to go.
So many steps to get elevated.

Gradual progress happens
while traversing upon
“Path of Self Realization” 

Humble Wishes!!!

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