Advent of desire is inimical to wisdom….!!!

A very transparent understaning about our worst enemy KAAMA/desire
as per Hindu Spiritual Philosophy is must which is certainly helpful to seekers
while traversing on path of Self Realization in light of Bhagavd Gita verses.
In fact this has been misinterpreteted by so many self proclaimed modern intellectuals of present time
around the globe in materialstic interest
standing in shadow of human psychology
forgetting about its adverse effects.

Verse Sixty Two and Sixty Three of Chapter Two of Bhagavad Gita are like lamp posts
reagarding this subject as taught by Lord Krishna
to which I treat as most sensitive emotional factor
human psychothearpy.

In Verse Sixty Two, Lord Krishn sings:

dhyāyato visyān punsaḥ
sangas teṣu’pajāyate,
sangāt samjāyate kāmaḥ
kāmāt krodho’ bhijājāte 

“They whose thoughts are of sensual objects are attached to them,
attachment gives rise to desires,
anger is born when these desires are obstructed.’’

The feeling of attachment persists in men
who have got over their concern with the objects of sense.
Desire is born from attachment.
And there is anger when there is an obstacle in the way of satisfaction of desire.

And what does the feeling of anger give rise to?

Further Lord adds in Verse Sixty Three:

krodhād bhavati sammohaḥ
sammohāt smṛtivibhramaḥ,
smṛtibranśād buddnināśo
buddināśāt praṇaśyati 

“Delusion is born from anger,
by which memory is confused;
confusion of memory undermines the faculty of discrimination and,
when discrimination is lost,
the seeker deviates from the means of absolution.’’

Confusion and ignorance arise from anger.
Distinction between the eternal and the transient is obliterated.
Remembrance is shaken by delusion, as it happens with Arjun.

Lord Krishn says again that in such a state of mind one cannot determine wisely
what to do and what not to do.
Confusion of memory weakens the seeker’s dedication
loss of discrimination makes him deviate from his goal of being one with God.

Here Lord Krishn has emphasized the importance of cultivating unconcern with sensual objects.
The worshipper’s mind should rather always be concerned
with that-word, form, incarnation, or abode-by which his mind may be enabled to be one with God.
The mind is drawn to sensual objects when the discipline of worship is relaxed.
Thoughts of these objects produce attachment,
which in its own turn results in desire for them.

Anger is generated if the satisfaction of this desire is obstructed in any way.

And ignorance finally undoes the power of discernment.
The Way of Selfless Action is also said to be the Way of Knowledge,
for it has always to be kept in view that
desire must not be allowed to enter the worshipper’s mind.
There are, after all, no real fruits.

Advent of desire is inimical to wisdom.
Steady contemplation is, therefore, a necessity.
A man who does not always think of God strays from the right path
that will lead him to ultimate bliss and glory.

However, there is one consolation.
The chain of worship is only broken, not completely destroyed.
Once the joy of worship has been experienced,when taken up again,
it resumes from the same point at which it was discontinued.

This is the fate of the worshipper who is attached to sensual objects
as per teachings of Bhagavad Gita
Hindu Spiritual Philosophy.




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