After ego has ceased to exist, only the Self remains in a pure state….!!!



“Humble Wishes”

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  1. Mrityunjayanand says:

    Lord Krishn sings in Bhagavad Gita:

    इहैव तैर्जितः सर्गो येषां साम्ये स्थितं मनः ।
    निर्दोषं हि समं ब्रह्म तस्माद्ब्रह्मणि ते स्थिताः ॥५- १९॥
    ihai’va tair jitaḥ sargo
    yeṣām sāmye sthitam manaḥ,
    nirdoṣam hi samam brahma
    tasmād brahmaṇi te sthitāḥ (19)
    “They who achieve the state of equality
    conquer the whole world within the mortal life itself,
    because they rest in God
    who is also unblemished and impartial.’’

    Sages with perfectly poised minds are freed from material nature during their worldly life itself.

    But what is the relation between an even mind and conquest of nature?

    When the world itself is annihilated, what is the position of the Self?

    In Sri Krishn’s view, since God is immaculate and impartial, the minds of sages who have known Him are also freed from all blemishes and inequalities. The sage becomes one with God. This is the ultimate birthless state and it is acquired when the ability to overcome the enemy, the world of appearances, is fully developed.

    This ability is there when the mind is controlled and when one has achieved the state of equality, for the world of appearances, is but an extension of the mind.

    Humble Wishes!!!

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