“atman, the “Self” is the chariot’s passenger…….!!!”

atman, the “Self” is the chariot’s passenger….
the body is the chariot itself….
consciousness (buddhi) is the chariot driver…..
the mind (manas) is the reins…..
the five senses (indriya) are the chariot horses……
the objects perceived by the senses are the chariot’s path……

आत्मानँ रथितं विद्धि शरीरँ रथमेव तु ।
बुद्धिं तु सारथिं विद्धि मनः प्रग्रहमेव च ॥
इन्द्रियाणि हयानाहुर्विषयाँ स्तेषु गोचरान् ।
आत्मेन्द्रियमनोयुक्तं भोक्तेत्याहुर्मनीषिणः ॥
….कठ उपनिषद्………!!!

The above quoted reference from Katha Upanishads reflects
for following combination of equations:
( From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)


Jivatma some how gets separated in want of body and sensual pleasures
from Supreme Soul and since an infinite time span,
tireless efforts are being done in this mortal wild world in search of eternal bliss.
Jiva gets deceived by going any where while traversing in search of eternal peace.
Becomes without any means and gets a very pitiable condition.
Soul can never achieve eternal peace
till reaches very near
in direct influence of Supreme Soul.

Supreme soul, being so kind and most gracious after seeing such a hopeless situation,
gives a body like chariot with all means to ordinary self.
Provides mighty horses in form of senses.
Providing mind as rein, Supreme Being hands over to Consciousness by giving control as charioteer.

By getting seated the self in chariot as owner with the divine instructions
to follow the spiritual instructions of Consciousness,
God issues instructions to follow the spiritual path by remembering HIM
in shape of name, form, divine games and ultimate abode
so that self may again get merged with Supreme Self
by passing through different divine disciplines
through tough spiritual austerities.

If self might have followed the instructions as it is,
certainly would have reached to the stage of direct perception of God
concluded the total path again by final merger.
But because of worldly attachments, sensual pleasures and infatuation,
the main target gets disappeared.

Due to continuous disobedience to Consciousness by self,
Consciousness becomes careless
releases the rein form mind loose to run the senses in desired directions
as per own sweet will.
With the result, self starts getting disgraced aimless in sensual pleasures
temporary worldly enjoyments.

In other words, instead of by taking help
with the same mind, body and senses for getting dissolved in Supreme Self,
the Jivatma again gets trapped in delusions
for further intense sufferings.

This is the basic concept behind the above mentioned verses
from Katha Upanishads through which any inference can be brought out
as per own understandings.
Humble Wishes!!!

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