Bhagavad Gita and its scientific relevance…..!!!

A short note in brief shared with most honourable Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam,
Former President of India,

on his query about
Bhagavad Gita and its scientific relevance…..!!!

A complete psychotherapy of a deluded and depressed mind by disclosing
theory of which starts from the point where
all the theories of updated normal sciences exhaust totally.

Bhagavad Gita reveals:

**The SOUL is neither pierced by weapons, nor burnt by fire,
nor made dump by water nor dried up by wind.
The SOUL which can not be
pierced or burnt or made wet or faded, is uninterrupted,
all pervasive, constant, immovable and eternal.

This is all beyond the approach of most modern developed scientific theories.

**Transplantation of knowledge of eternal YOG
to the SUN
(symbolizing righteous impulses),
from whom it is passed on to Manu
(symbolizing mind)
then to Ikshwaku
(symbolizing aspiration)
at the beginning of devotion.

All done by an exalted sage dwelling in supreme spirit
without any SURGICAL PROCEDURE to devotee.
If a sage just cast a glance at a devotee,
the refinement of YOG is transmitted into the

**Art of restraining restless mind and senses
with turbulent and mighty velocity
without applying any external force or device.

**Describing about secrecy of mutable physical body
which is the aggregate of the five elements
(earth, water, fire, ether and air),
ego intellect and SOUL (unmanifest),
the ten sense organs,
the five objects of senses,
as well as desire, malice, pleasure and pain and intelligence and fortitude.
The body, the gross corporal frame is the composite of all these parts.

This is beyond all sorts of microscopic studies prescribed in science books.

**Unfolding great secret of universe creation.
Bhagavad Gita
“Like the great creator, O BHARAT, is my eight properties primal nature,
the womb of which I fertilize with the seed of consciousness of by which all beings are shaped.
The eight fold nature is the mother that bears all the beings of different births
I am the father that casts the seed.”

**Assuring that the initial or impulse of a noble work does not perish
after it has been once undertaken and when resumed,
it starts from the point where it was discontinued before.
This seed once sown in it sprout and is not destructible at any stage.

**A scripture leading to a transcendental stage,
acquiring a capacity of divine vision
which enables seeker to realize whole creation within himself
by restraining his mind and senses fully.


The smoke blots the white fire, as clinging rust
Mars the bright mirror, as the womb surrounds
The babe unborne, so is the world of things
Foiled, soiled, enclosed in this desire of flesh.
The wise fall, caught in it, the unresting foe (Chapter 3)
It is of wisdom, wearing, countless forms
Fair but deceitful, subtle as a flame
Sense, mind and reason – these O Kunti”s son
Are booty for it, in its play with these
It maddens man, beguiling, blinding him.

Bhagavad Gita,
the super science of SOUL teaches that:

GOVERN they heart, constraint entangled sense
Resist the false, soft sinfulness which saps
Knowledge and judgment, yea, the world is strong.
But what discerns it stronger and the mind
Strongest, and high over all the milling SOUL.


Humble Wishes.

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