Desire is illusion and progenitor of the world….!!!

That which is free from delusion is eternal and unmanifest.
Desire is illusion and progenitor of the world.

In great sage Kabir’s view:

“The Self which achieves freedom from desire
united with the fathomless, eternal,boundless reality.

One who is free from desire dwells within the Self
never falls from grace,
for he has his being in the Supreme Spirit.”

At the beginning there are numerous desires,
eventually there remains only a longing for the realization of God.

The fulfillment, too……
this wish also marks the end of desire.

Had there been something higher,
greater, or more precious than God,
one, would surely have craved for it.
But when there is nothing beyond or above him,
what else can be desired?

When all things that can be had are achieved,
the very roots of desire are destroyed
delusion perishes utterly.

Ignorance is present as long as there is delusion.
When delusion is dead, ignorance also dies.



Humble Wishes!!!
Gratitude: YouTube. 

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