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Swami Shree Adgadanandji has set up a plaque inscribed in form of this table at the entrance gate of the Ashram during his stay, on the auspicious day of Ganga Dashehara (1993) at Shree Paramhans Ashram Jagatanand, Village & P.O. Bareini, Kachhava, Dist. Mirzapur (U.P.)


— The Seed Scripture of Creation

Lord Krishn has taught: ‘imam vivasvate yogam’ (Geeta, 4/1) that it was he who at the beginning,imparted the knowledge to the Sun, from whom it was passed on to primeval Manu.Hence Geeta only is premordial
scripture. As per Geeta, God alone is the ultimate reality, the supreme essence of all, and he is pervading and inherent in every particle of the world. He is accessible for direct perception, attainment and can be realized through the spiritual austerity of yog. This primordial knowledge revealed by God himself is incessantly continuing to exist from the period of vedic exalted sages till today.

— Shree Vedic Saints (Primeval Age-Ved (Narayan Sukta))
The Supreme Being present in each particle in the universe is but the only truth. The only way to attain emancipation is to realize Him.

— Bhagwan Shree Ram (Treta : Millions of years ago – Ramayan)
Aspirant of benediction without praying to The Supreme Being is an ignoramus.

— Yogeshwar Shree Krishn (5200 years ago – Geeta. Re-teaching of Dharm)
The God is the only truth. Achievement of that eternal God is possible only through contemplation. Worshiping of deities is only done by the ignorant.

— Saint Moosa (3000 years ago – Jewism – Bible old testament)
As you revoked your faith (Shraddha) from the God, made idols- He is unhappy. Begin praying to him.

— Saint Jarathustra (2700 years ago – Zoroastrian Religion – Avesta)
Contemplate upon Ahura Mazda (God) to eradicate the evils inhibiting your heart, which are the root causes of all the sorrows.

— Mahavir Swami (2600 years ago – Uttaradhyayana Sutra)
Only the Self is real; By observance of austere penance it could be realized in this same birth itself.

— Gautam Buddha (2500 years ago – Tripitika)
I have attained that sublime ultimate stage, which was attained by the earlier saints. This is Nirvan.

— Jesus Christ (2000 years ago – Christianity – Bible new testament)
God can be attained by prayers. Come to me or an accomplished sage (Sadguru) just because you would be called the son of the God.

— Hajrat Mohammed Saheb (1400 years ago – Islam – Koran)
“La Ill-Allah Muhammad-ur Rasul-Allah”- There is none worthy of WORSHIPING other than the all- pervading God. Mohammed saheb is messenger of God.

— Aadi Shankaracharya (1200 years ago)
The world is an illusion.In it,the only truth is the God and His name.

— Saint Kabir (600 years ago)
The name of Ram is ultimate, all else is futile. From The beginning, till the end and in all the ages, the only struggle is with Ram. Struggle with Ram, that only is salutary.

— Guru Nanak (500 years ago)
‘Ek Omkar Satguru Prasadi’ Only an Omkar is true, but it is pleasance of grace of an enlightened sage (Sadguru).

— Swami Dayanand Saraswati (200 years ago)
Worship only to the everlasting, immortal and eternal single God. The cardinal name of this Supreme Power is OM.

— Swami Shree Paramanandji (1912 – 1969 A. D.)
When the God bestows benevolence, the enemies turn friends and adversity becomes asset. The God is omnipresent.

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