Does The Bhagavad Gita Give Good Guidance For One Who See’s How The Value Is Held Inside?

One of the most touching question raised by dear blessed soul  and friend Jason Skeie to me.

I must congratulate for such an intelligent question dear blessed soul Jason Skeie.

Oh yes…..Bhagavad Gita give good guidance for one who see’s how the value is held inside. 

Let me share that one kind of satsang is the moral discourse we hear from noble men,
but the real spiritual discourse is internal.
Self alone is true and eternal.
True satsang comes about when the mind reins itself in from all externals and dwells with the Self.
This adherence to truth is cultivated by incessant reflection, meditation, and samadhi.

The more joy one feels in dwelling with the one reality, the more restraint one gains over each breath, the mind,
and the instruments by which objects of sense affect the Self.
The day they are totally restrained is the day when we are absorbed in the ultimate essence.
Providing, like a good instrument, harmonious accompaniment to the song of the Self is true satsang.

Bhagavad Gita helps us to get developed a well built capacity within ourself
for cultivating divine thought processing resulting for sufficient spiritual potentials
within the reach of our pure metaphysical vision. 

Let me share that one kind of wealth is the external riches which are needed for physical sustenance,
but that has nothing to do with the Self.
The really lasting wealth of man, which he can truly call his own, is realization of his Self, the God within.

In the Brihadaranyak Upanishad,Revered sage Yagnavalkya teaches the same to his wife Maitreyi when she asks him:

“My lord, if this whole earth belonged to me with all its riches, should I through its possession attain immortality?”

The sage replies:

“No, your life would be like that of the wealthy.
None can possibly hope to be immortal through external material wealth.”

We must keep in mind that there can never be a fall from piety as long as there is truthfulness
the desire to ponder over truth, it always protects us from being routed in the war between spirit and matter.
And for this, honest and pure intention is main factor.
Yes….in spiritual path intention means everything for good reason.

For very simple understanding in a single line is that giving up lust for external material objects
which have been heard or seen, of worldly objects and sensual pleasures, is renunciation.
But it is never possible within a day or two.
It takes it’s own time and requires a very long spiritual journey.

And that is the reason that when we switch our mindset to pursuing our intentions wholly,
then the distraction of attachment losses it’s weight.
It becomes clear at that point that the material world only has the value we hold inside.
And whatever we hold inside is soul property which is perfectly stable.
Only the Soul property is the stable property and it is attachment which generates impurity in it.
It draws one to the external material world.
But it also provides the primary motive for enlightenment.

When a man withdraws his mind and sense organs from all physical things
concentrates on the Self within his body,
he is privileged to merge with and dwell within God.
The Supreme Spirit dwells in and pervades every single body.
This is one of the main essence teaching in Bhagavad Gita.

A seeker earns prerequisites of the skill of traversing a certain length of the way to spiritual emancipation.
Their observance is necessary.
However, there is, after preliminary stages,
that stretch of the path which is beyond the perceiving mind and intellect.
This is the length along which one is enabled to travel only by the blessedness of the great awakening
within the Self.
God himself stands up from the Self as vision and is self-evident at this stage.

The one who is striving to realize his Self is a winner only when he rejects and destroys his attachment
as well as all the other associated feelings.
But it’s not so easy rather very very difficult and may take many births to reach to such stage.
Real spiritual path is very tough,
not so easy as easily we discuss through words for conceptual saturation only. 

What is this world but an extension of the ties of attachment?
What is there in it for us in the absence of these bonds?

The world as we know it is only an extension of the mind.

Yogeshwar Krishn in Bhagavad Gita has portrayed the same extension of the mind as the world.
The man who has withstood and subdued its power has conquered the whole universe.

Sri Krishn tells Arjun in Bhagavad Gita:

“The whole cosmos is overcome even in this world by those whose minds repose in equality.” 

Such a state of calm, of mental equipoise, is made possible by the complete annihilation of ego.
This frees the mind from its self-centered subservience to the material world.

After ego has ceased to exist, only the Self remains in a pure state.
So this is the way to attainment of salvation and final beatitude (brahmavastha)
which transcends the transitory life of nature.
It is thus that those who have realized this state are not subject to the limitations of the material world.

Lord Krishn sings in verse Nineteenth,Chapter Five of Bhagavad Gita:

“They who achieve the state of equality conquer the whole world within the mortal life itself,
because they rest in God who is also unblemished and impartial.’’

Sages with perfectly poised minds are freed from material nature during their worldly life itself.

But what is the relation between an even mind and conquest of nature? 

When the world itself is annihilated, what is the position of the Self? 

In Sri Krishn’s view, since God is immaculate and impartial,
the minds of sages who have known Him are also freed from all blemishes and inequalities.
The sage becomes one with God. 

This is the ultimate birthless state and it is acquired when the ability to overcome the enemy,
the world of appearances, is fully developed.
This ability is there when the mind is controlled and when one has achieved the state of equality,
for the world of appearances, is but an extension of the mind.

Bow down in lotus feet of most revered Gurudev for such teachings to me.

Revered Gurudev...!!!

Humble Wishes!

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