Each layer of delusive worldly thought gets demolished in flames of spiritual austerities….!!!

Divine energy always supports a true seeker
by all means and at the end,
it finally makes one the true winner of the internal war.

No pulling may be able to pull back
no gap is left over without proper filling
with reasonable justifications
fully equipped with divine thoughts.

There are so many layers of thoughts
under pressure of three properties
because properties of virtue (sattwa), passion (rajas),
and ignorance (tamas),
born out of nature, imprison the Soul within the body
the Soul is embodied only as long as these properties remain.

But each layer of delusive worldly thought
gets demolished in flames of spiritual austerities.

A true seeker has simply to be very cautious with divine intuitions
must try to follow the same to maximum extent.

Our last earned crust of merits and demerits i.e sanskars play games
which come to final end gradually.

That is the reason why intense meditation is suggested
in background of intoning the name of God
through inhale and exhale breath
by different methods as per attained spiritual level.

Each layer of delusive worldly thought.....!!!

About Mrityunjayanand

Still like a newly borne baby, crying in lap of most revered Gurudev with closed eyes. I know nothing more than this "About Me". This given name "Mrityunjayanand" is HIS blessing. Each word being shared is HIS grace, blessings, teachings where I stand simply as HIS mouthpiece and nothing is here on or of my own. My efforts to spread HIS divine and intuitive teachings are HIS instructions and my humble services in lotus feet of most revered Gurudev. Humble Wishes!!!
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