From my way to path of Self Realization…….!!!

Path of Self realization is indeed a need where a seeker remains alone.

Even after spiritual attainment, the Self who has gained awareness of the essence of the Supreme Spirit, is left all alone.

Only meditation practiced for a long time with constant devotion without any deviation and reverence can be firm.Warlike temper with the spirit of abandon that flows from sacred excellence, with a mind without fear because it is propped up by righteousness, and the five attributes named tenderness, beauty, compassion, spiritual repose and consistency are must for ability to traverse upon this path of spiritual fulfillment with perfect skill.

What is this world but an extension of the ties of attachment? What is there in it for us in the absence of these bonds? The world as we know it is only an extension of the mind.

“The whole cosmos is overcome even in this world by those whose minds repose in equality.”.….Sings Bhagavad Gita.

Such a state of calm, of mental equipoise, is made possible by the complete annihilation of ego. This frees the mind from its self-centered subservience to the material world. After ego has ceased to exist, only the Self remains in a pure state. So this is the way to attainment of salvation and final beatitude (brahmavastha) which transcends the transitory life of nature. It is thus that those who have realized this state are not subject to the limitations of the material world.

But this comes after long practice through spiritual austerities under strict spiritual disciplines.It takes it’s own time.

And that’s why :

To feel unknown during total journey is best knowing dear blessed souls.

The moment one reaches to full bodied and complete stage,
the rain begins to shower in our dancing…
And then there is no need
to find out how complete one is?

Humble Wishes!!! 

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