“Guru” is a status which is achieved through the highest level of spiritual austerities….!!!

I have been contemplating upon vision of present mind set
where propaganda is being done
any enlightened “Guru” in physical form
any sort of spiritual guidance are required
while traversing upon spiritual path.

It is being kept out of mind in modern age that “Guru” is a status

which is achieved through the highest level of spiritual austerities
after getting totally enlightened and attainment of ultimate bliss.

Only such highly elevated Souls are totally liberated from the shackles of birth and death cycle
and can help any individual soul in getting totally emancipated from worldly bondage.

How any such can help in getting liberated who is already still trapped in material world?

Can a blind lead a blind to show the real path?

The modern concept being launched is that “self “ is the only source of inspiration
the whole spiritual journey can be successfully completed in it’s radiance and guidance
without any presence of a physical totally accomplished “Guru”.

I have no intentions to highlight and support the concept of “Gurudum”
but the problem is that
do we really know and have any dictionary anywhere
to decode the language being used to communicate with “self”
and then
how to get introduced in inner realm on our own
without any help, guidance and real wisdom?

Are we really capable enough to walk the path
with the skill of decoding the metaphysical codings 

and divine intuitions to communicate with the “self”
by total denial of presence of truly enlightened Guru?

Here “Guru” means really enlightened and totally accomplished sage 
not a commercial one enjoying the materialistic lust.

I very humbly invite all my friends to kindly share their most valuable views
upon this interesting and vital issue raised in this most valuable post.

Humble Wishes.

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