Lead me from death to the immortality…!!!

Lord Krishn sings in Bhagavad Gita:

“The yogi who is firmly devoted to me,
who constantly remembers me and is absorbed in me,
realizes me with ease.”

Sri Krishn is easily attained to by the worshiper who has no one except him in his mind,
who thinks steadily only of him and always remembers him.

HE adds:

“Accomplished sages who have attained
the ultimate state are no longer subject to transient rebirth
which is like a house of sorrows.’’

It is only after attaining to the Supreme Spirit that man is not born again.
Lord Krishn then speaks of the sphere of rebirth.

“All the worlds from Brahmlok downwards are, O Arjun,
a recurrent character, but, O son of Kunti,
the soul which realizes me is not born again.”

The conception of different worlds ( lok )
in sacred books is an exercise in the creation of metaphor.
There is no dark pit in the nether world
in which we are stung and tortured
venomous creatures called hell,
nor is there a domain in the sky which we call heaven.

Man himself is a god when he is imbued with pious instincts
he, too, is a demon when overtaken by impious impulses.
Men, gods, and sub-humans constitute the three metaphorical worlds.
Lord Krishn insists that the Self,
carrying with himself the mind and the five senses,
assumes new bodies according to the sanskar
earned over innumerable lives.

Gods, embodiments of virtue, whom we call immortal, are also subject to death.
And there can be no greater loss than the destruction of piety in this mortal world.
What is the use of this godlike body if it works for the destruction of the earned righteousness?

All the worlds, from the highest to the lowest, are worlds of suffering.
Man alone can shape the action by which he achieves the supreme goal,
after which there is no recurrence of birth and death.
By the ordained action man can become God
even achieve the position of Brahma himself, the first deity of the sacred Hindu Trinity
to whom is entrusted the task of creation.
And yet he will not be spared from rebirth until,
with restraint and dissolution of the mind,
he perceives God and merges into him.
The Upanishads reveal the same truth.

According to the Kathopanishad,
the mortal human is capable of being immortal and,
within this physical body and in this world itself,
he can achieve direct perception of the Supreme Spirit
by the destruction of all attachments of the heart.


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One Response to Lead me from death to the immortality…!!!

  1. Mrityunjayanand says:


    ”Mrtyor mamrtam gamaya:
    Lead me from death to that which is immortal.”

    The world is of mortality, and the prayer is to take us to the world of the Immortal. The world is mortal because everything is dying here; everything is perishable. It is seen now, and tomorrow it is not; like a bubble does it burst. We do not know what is now and what is the next moment. Such is the condition of things here. And how can we say that anything is real? Can anything be regarded as permanent? And that which is not permanent cannot be called real. So, there is nothing real in this world, and in as much as the unreals are the supports of our understanding, our understanding also is not real. Nothing is real in us; everything is a phantom. So, the prayer is for a total rise from this involved, insufficient, conditioned ‘being’ to the absolutely independent, unconditioned ‘Being’ which is simultaneously Sat, Jyotir and Amrtam – Existence, Light, Enlightenment, Consciousness, Omniscience and Immortality. No rebirth is possible there.

    ~The Brihadaranyaka Upanishad by Swami Krishnananda~

    Humble Wishe!!!

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