Let us go back once more, O mind, to our own abode…!

Let us go back once more, O mind, to our own abode!
Here in this foreign land of earth.
Why should we wander aimlessly
stranger’s guise?

These living beings round about, and the five elements;
Are strangers to you, all of them; none is your own.
Why do you thus forget yourself,
In love with strangers,
O my mind?
Why do you thus forget your own?

Ascend the path of Truth, O mind! Unflaggingly climb,
With Love as the lamp to light your way.
As your provision for the journey, bring with you
The virtues, carefully concealed; for, like two highwaymen,
Greed and delusion wait to rob you of your wealth.
And keep beside you constantly,
As guards to shelter you from harm,
Calmness of mind and self-control.

Companionship with holy men will be for you
A welcome rest-house by the road;
There rest your weary limbs awhile,
asking your way, If ever you should be in doubt,
him who watches there.
If anything along the path should frighten you,
Then loudly shout the name of the Lord;
For He is Ruler of that road,
And even Death must bow to Him.

Let us go back once more, O mind, to our own abode!

(Source – WIKI)

Real spiritual pain of a true seeker
 gets induced
on it’s own
when divine grace of truly enlightened Guru
at the initial stage
while initiating the journey
“Path of Self Realization”

Humble Wishes!!!
Gratitude: YouTube
Ashram Sri Ramakrishna.

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