It is Only a Living, Totally Accomplished and Enlightened Guru who can Manage to Play the Part of Mother, Father and Grandsire, all the Three at a Time in a Single Span of Human Life…!!!

I have always been contemplating for years and years
understand exactly what Lord Krishn intends to convey
his dearest disciple Arjun
when in Bhagavad Gita he sings:
“pitāhamasya jagato mātā dhātā pitāmahah”
…….“And I too am the bearer and preserver of the whole world
as also the giver of rewards for action;
father, mother and also the grandsire…..”
It was not so easy to get convinced
how one can be a
Father, Mother and also the Grandsire
in a single span of human life?
But when I started looking in past memories of my spiritual life,
the answer flashed within no time. 
I found revered Gurudev bringing me up
get elevated in the divine path,
like a
Mother, Father, Grandsire
at a time at different phases.
Most of the secrets of spiritual life,
Revered Gurudev managed to teach me
with a lot of affection in singing mode
normally mothers do to her babies
with great love
singing a lovable lullaby.
And when HE found me a little bit careless,
immediately managed to impose strict spiritual disciplines
with difficult instructions to be followed
by all means
like a very strict father with no excuses.
And the most interesting factor is that normally when
even mother and father separately or jointly fail to convince
line up the child,
Grandsire manages to control such
with a magical experienced affectionate approach of teaching
which is God gifted
then the same child starts learning,
loves to listen, learns and follows any initiatives of the
parents immediately, without any problem
Likewise, I experienced for revered Gurudev
who managed to line me up and my spiritual progress
along with the difficulties of the worldly life
Grandsire too with highly matured divine skill
most sacred affection
when my mind became very unstable
and was not ready at all
listen to any parental mode or control.
Hence to my honest experiencing,
It is only a living, totally accomplished and enlightened Guru
who can manage to play
the part of a Mother, Father, and a Grandsire,
all the three at a time in a single span of human life
helps a poor soul by all means in waging a war
for the attainment of ultimate bliss
total emancipation from the shackles of birth and death cycle.
I bow down in your lotus feet O’ Revered Gurudev
for such a wonderful grace being showered upon me
round the clock
by you
at this eve of the great Guru Poornima
which is supposed to be the most precious day in seeker’s life
scheduled to get celebrated
tomorrow early morning.
Humble Wishes.

~ mrityunjayanand ~

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