The mark of a sage is that he is like an ocean…..!!!

The full and changeless ocean assimilates all the rivers
that flow violently into it
without losing its repose.

Similarly the man who is aware of the oneness of his Self
the Supreme Spirit assimilates all worldly pleasures
within himself without in any way staying from his chosen path.
Rather than longing for sensual gratification,
he aims at the achievement
the most sublime bliss of uniting his Self
with the supreme God.

Ravaging everything that comes in their way- crops,men and animals,
their habitations-and with a frightening roar,
the violently sweeping currents of hundreds of rivers fall into the ocean
with a tremendous force but they can neither raise or lower its level
by even an inch;
they only merge into the ocean.

In the same violent way sensual pleasures assault the sage
has attained knowledge of reality and merge in him.
They can impress on him neither weal nor woe.

The actions of the worshipper are non good and non evil:
they transcend good and evil.
The minds which are conscious of God,
restrained and dissolved,
bear only the mark of divine excellence.

So how can any other impression be made on such a mind?

The mark of a sage is that he is like an ocean.

Like an ocean he is not bound by rules,
that he must sit like this and walk like that.
It is men like him who achieve the ultimate peace,
for they have self control.

They who yearn for pleasure can have no peace.

~Revered Gurudev Swami Adgadanand Jee Paramhans~

As the water of the many rivers falls into the full and ever constant ocean...!!!

“Humble Wishes”

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