May God bless to all my friends a new beginning full of abundant eternal pleasure, bliss, joy of Being, peace within, light, love and success in the coming New Year 2014…!!!

Count down has begun to give a warm welcome to coming New Year and to say “Good Bye” to passing year which too was welcomed on its own arrival time with the same enthusiasm.

Ah…so mutable is the time and flying with such a high speed.

I am listening very carefully,
Sound emerging out from my wall clock with movements of second denoting pointer.

Can I stop this passing movement of time?

… can never.

Can I bring back the particular moment which has just passed out?

No …no…Never. I can not.

Moment just passed out is lapsed forever from this particular span of my life. Was that precious or not?

Let me calculate now.

But why? Why I am feeling  so anxious and helpless?

I am in thought process and some reflections are flashing at the screen of my mind.

Lord Krishn sings in Chapter Ten, Verse thirty three Of Bhagavad Gita:

“ahamevāksayah kālo”

……..which means…..HE is the eternal Mahakal amidst mutable time. HE is the imperishable, immutable time. Time is always changing, but he is that state-that time-which takes one to the eternal God.

Ah, now I can feel this..
Time is changing and I am feeling helpless because probably am too far from the possession of that state-that time-which takes one to the eternal God.

I wish this coming New Year will bring for all of us that imperishable, immutable time which takes one to the eternal God.

Happy New Year...!!!_/l\_
“Humble Wishes”

About Mrityunjayanand

Still like a newly borne baby, crying in lap of most revered Gurudev with closed eyes. I know nothing more than this "About Me". This given name "Mrityunjayanand" is HIS blessing. Each word being shared is HIS grace, blessings, teachings where I stand simply as HIS mouthpiece and nothing is here on or of my own. My efforts to spread HIS divine and intuitive teachings are HIS instructions and my humble services in lotus feet of most revered Gurudev. Humble Wishes!!!
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