Why path of Self Realization should be our first choice…???

Why path of Self Realization should be our first choice
with reasoning if we are really serious with our concerns
instead always tending to attach and over attach ourselves
to the material world
with materialistic vision
for the cause of Wealth and Desires?

Lord Krishn sings
दुःखालयमशाश्वतम् / duhkhālayamaśāśvatam”
Chapter Eight, Verse Fifteen of Bhagavad Gita
which means
house of sorrows.

He sings:

“Accomplished sages who have attained
to the ultimate state are no longer subject to transient rebirth
which is like a house of sorrows.’’

It is only after attaining to the Supreme Spirit that man is not born again.

Lord Buddha also confirms:

“To be borne
again and again
is indeed ……….

Oh house builder…….!
You are seen,
You shall build no house (for me) again.”

Man alone can shape the action by which he achieves the Supreme goal,
after which there is no recurrence of birth and death.

According to the Kathopanishad:

“The mortal human is capable of being immortal and,
within this physical body and in this world itself,
he can achieve direct perception of the Supreme Spirit
the destruction of all attachments of the heart.”

Hence “Path of Self Realization” should be our first choice
if really we want to get liberated
house of sorrows.

Humble Wishes.

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