Prayer leads to direct perception rather than flight of fancy…..!!!!

Prayer leads to direct perception
rather than flight of fancy if is performed with it’s true density,
such a clear vision is possible only

when God grants eyes that can see it.
A concrete apprehension of  reality
such as this is accessible only with proper means
that is a true prayer.

To whom we are praying and then how with what intention is a major factor?

Prayer can not bring the perfect result
if not performed with complete surrender of all the senses with mind to God.

It’s not a mechanical enforcement rather connectivity of self with Self
through passage of tears
highest degree of adoration, dedication and devotion.
God is Akshar,
the imperishable who is worthy of being known,
the supreme goal of the Self,
the great haven of the world, 
keeper of eternal Dharm,
the universal Supreme Spirit.
The sage attains to the same state after his worship is brought
to successful completion by means of true prayer.
Praying of soul to Supreme Soul with selfless motives is real prayer.

Humble Wishes!!!
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