Since The Points Of Initiation Are So Many, Hence It Looks Like There Are So Many Paths….!!!

Our interpretations of the facts and our opinions about them
mostly create divisions and animosity,
because we think that our opinions are the truth and the only one,
and they become our beliefs and credo.

Since the points of initiation are so many,
hence it looks like there are so many paths.
Our enlightened masters have shown us the real path
and they have found the same truth.

Since truth is one, eternal, and changeless,
as a corollary

Whenever the spiritual exercise that unites one with God was set in motion,
….it was initiated by some enlightened saint.

So all totally enlightened sages belong to one fraternity.
They all converge at the same point
through their perception of the reality of God.

The ultimate goal they arrive at is the same.
There are many who venture along the path of realization,
but the ultimate bliss they attain to is the same
if the process of their worship is successfully accomplished.

After realization they exist as pure, immaculate Souls,
while their bodies are turned into mere dwellings.

Whoever belonging to this state has enlightened mankind
a Yogeshwar,
a Lord of Yog (union).

Interesting is that our accomplished sages have never differed
with their interpretation of ultimate truth…….
but we always differ because of so many interpretations of the facts
and our differing opinions.

Bow down in lotus feet...!!!

About Mrityunjayanand

Still like a newly borne baby, crying in lap of most revered Gurudev with closed eyes. I know nothing more than this "About Me". This given name "Mrityunjayanand" is HIS blessing. Each word being shared is HIS grace, blessings, teachings where I stand simply as HIS mouthpiece and nothing is here on or of my own. My efforts to spread HIS divine and intuitive teachings are HIS instructions and my humble services in lotus feet of most revered Gurudev. Humble Wishes!!!
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