Supreme Power is all pervading…..!!!

Isha Upanishad preaches:

ॐ ईशा वास्यमिदँ सर्वं यत्किञ्च जगत्यां जगत् ।
तेन त्यक्तेन भुञ्जीथा मा गृधः कस्यस्विद्धनम् ॥

Ishaavasyam idam sarvam
Yat kinha jagatyam jagat
Tena tyaktena bhujitha
Ma gridhah kasya svida dhanam

Most revered Aurobindo says in his exposition:

” All this is for habitations by the Lord,
whatsoever is individual universe of moment in the universe motion.
By that renounced thou shouldst enjoy,lust not for any man’s possession”

The main sense behind the word used here as “habitations” is that Supreme Power
all pervading in the whole universe,whatsoever you perceive,experience and realize
your senses,that all in all,is under presence of basis of all,
supreme ruler upon all beings,super owner,almighty,knower of all,immaculate,imbued with
light of consciousness Supreme Power.
Every where and always,it is completely fulfilled with HIM.

And now Bhagavad Gita resonates:

मया ततमिदं सर्वं जगदव्यक्तमूर्तिना।
मत्स्थानि सर्वभूतानि न चाहं तेष्ववस्थितः॥९-४॥

mayā tatamidam sarvam jagadavyaktamūrtinā
matsthāni sarvabhūtāni na cāham tesvavasthitah

“The whole world is pervaded by me, the unmanifest Supreme Being,
all beings dwell within my will but I am not in them.”

The unmanifest form in which God exists spreads through every atom of the universe and all beings have their life within him. But he is not in them because he exists in an unmanifest form.Not a fraction of this universe is without HIS presence.

यच्चापि सर्वभूतानां बीजं तदहमर्जुन।
न तदस्ति विना यत्स्यान्मया भूतं चराचरम्॥१०-३९॥

yaccāpi sarvabhūtānām bījam tadahamarjuna
na tadasti vinā yatsyānmayā bhūtam carācaram

“And, O Arjun, I am also the seed from which all beings have sprung up, because
there is nothing animate or inanimate
which is without my maya.”

There is nothing, no being, in the whole world who is devoid of God because he pervades all. All beings resemble him and are close to him.

अथवा बहुनैतेन किं ज्ञातेन तवार्जुन।
विष्टभ्याहमिदं कृत्स्नमेकांशेन स्थितो जगत्॥१०-४२॥

athavā bahunaitena kim jñātena tavārjuna
vistabhyāhamidam krtsnamekāmśena sthito jagat

“Or, instead of knowing anything more, O Arjun, just remember that I am here and I bear the whole world with just a fraction of my power.”

रागद्वेषवियुक्तैस्तु विषयानिन्द्रियैश्चरन्
आत्मवश्यैर्विधेयात्मा प्रसादमधिगच्छति ॥२- ६४॥

rāgadveṣaviyuktais tu
viṣayān indriyaiś caran,
ātmavaśyair vidheyātmā
prasādam adhigacchati

“But that man achieves spiritual tranquillity who has mastered his mind,
who remains unaffected by sense-objects
he may be roaming amidst them,
his senses are properly restrained.”

Possessed of the means of spiritual realization, the sage who has experienced an intuitive perception of the identity of Self and the Supreme Spirit achieves the state
the most sublime peace, because he has subdued his senses, and therefore remained untouched by their objects even though he may be wandering in their midst.
No prohibitions are needed for such a man.

There is for him nothing unpropitious anywhere against which he should fight
defend himself.
There is also for him no good for which he should yearn.

[ Revered Adgadanandji Gurudev ]

A very transparent vision to be understood
while traversing upon
“Path of Self Realization”

Humble Wishes!!!

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