The Desire for Desirelessness is the last of desires and Desirelessness happens, when this desire too is dropped. Who drops it…?

Who may be this? Who desires? Who is the game planner behind generations of desires? Who enjoys through senses? And who is the mighty one beyond all controls?

The one, who is responsible behind all such, drops it….at a certain elevated level of spiritual austerities. And that is our “Mind”…!!!

What is this world but an extension of the ties of attachment? The attachments which are root cause behind generation of desires. What is there in it for us in the absence of these bonds?

The world as we know it is only an extension of the mind. Yogeshwar Krishn has portrayed the same extension of the mind as the world. The man who has withstood and subdued its power has conquered the whole universe.

Says Sri Krishna:

“The whole cosmos is overcome even in this world by those whose minds repose in equality.”

Such a state of calm, of mental equipoise, is made possible by the complete annihilation of ego. This frees the mind from its self-centered subservience to the material world. After ego has ceased to exist, only the Self remains in a pure state.

So this is the way to attainment of salvation and final beatitude (brahmavastha) which transcends the transitory life of nature. It is thus that those who have realized this state are not subject to the limitations of the material world.

 Goswami Tulsidas has said, “The most difficult to conquer is the hostile world of matter and the one who subdues it is indeed heroic.”

When delusion ceases, ignorance too ceases to exist and the residues of negative feelings such as excessive attachment hasten to a quick demise. The death of desire and death of delusion are one and the same.

This idea has been so lucidly expressed by Sant Kabir:

“Since desire is the maker of birth and illusion, and it is desire that creates the material world, he who abandons desire is the one who cannot be conquered.”

That which is free from delusion is eternal and unmanifest. Desire is illusion and progenitor of the world.

In Kabir’s view:

“The Self which achieves freedom from desire is united with the fathomless, eternal, boundless reality. One who is free from desire dwells within the Self and never falls from grace, for he has his being in the Supreme Spirit.”

At the beginning there are numerous desires, but eventually there remains only a longing for the realization of God. The fulfillment, too, of this wish also marks the end of desire.

Had there been something higher, greater, or more precious than God, one, would surely have craved for it. But when there is nothing beyond or above him, what else can be desired?

When all things that can be had are achieved, the very roots of desire are destroyed and delusion perishes utterly. Ignorance is present as long as there is delusion. When delusion is dead, ignorance also dies.

With the death of delusion and ignorance,mind drops the desire for Desirelessness too and and gets dissolved forever resulting for Desirelessness to happen for attainment of ultimate bliss.

“….May the Mind go into a fasting mode …….. may the Mind ….. dissolve into Silence ….”

“…….Meditate. Meditate. Meditate……”
The main key
of the
“Path of Self Realization” 

Humble Wishes!!!


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