The three bases of demoniacal tendencies…..!!!!

People’s disposition is of two kinds,
the pious and the impious.
A person is godly if there is an abundance of the divine impulses in him,
but is devilish if he/she teems with vices.
Wherever they are born and whatever names they are known by,
people cannot but belong to one of these two classes.

Persons with unrighteous predilections have no inkling of how to undertake
action that is worth doing,
nor of how to abstain from that which is unworthy.
Since they have not undertaken action,
there is in them neither truth nor purity,
nor the right conduct.

According to them the world has neither any shelter nor God,
and is just mechanically generated by carnal intercourse.
So, indulgence is their ultimate goal,
for there is nothing beyond it for them.
Such a delusion was common in all ages.
In fact, it has always existed.

The human psyche is subject to the rise and ebb of divine and devilish instincts.
Degradation of the Self is hell; and lust, anger and greed are the three chief gateways to it.
These are the three bases of demoniacal tendencies.
Only a renunciation of these three marks the commencement of the action,
that action which is named as ordained action
which liberates us from dire terror of death and birth cycles.

Lust, anger, and greed appear even more tempting to those
who are the more intensely absorbed in worldly affairs
even in decorous fulfilment of social obligations.
Truly, therefore, only by eschewing these three does one gain
admittance to the ordained action.

So the injunction is, to undertake only the unique action,
the ordained action if some one really wants complete liberation
all sorts of pains and shackle of birth and death cycle.

~Swami Adgadanand Jee Paramhans.©

Humble Wishes.

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