“…Touch of The Soul…!!!”

The embodied Soul itself
for ever,
indestructible, and boundless.

The Self, the God within soul,
neither at any time born nor does HE at any time die.

“Neither (ever) born nor dying,
neither at any time coming into being nor ceasing to be,
the Self is birthless,
and timeless,
he is not destroyed when the body is destroyed…

This Self
neither pierced by weapons,
nor burnt by fire,
nor made damp by water,
nor dried up by wind.

The Self,
which cannot be pierced
or burnt
or made wet
or faded,
uninterrupted, all-pervasive, constant, immovable, and eternal.

Only a seer views the Soul as a marvel,
another one describes him as a marvel,
and yet another one hears him as marvel.
While there are some who hear him and yet know him not.”

Sings so Lord Krishna in Bhagavad Gita.

I too wonder
what is I that is craving so ?

I am with whom?
Can I touch the Soul?

Let the touch be an essence of love beaming light
where its fragrance wafts through
to realise beauty enfolding in grace
to sway to ecstasy.

Let it be as deep fathomless, as it can
yet to the brim, let it spring
for the I to know to dive in depths such
only to find where its very own heart is?

Let me touch you O’Lord
With my need to touch the Soul.

May be the path will be known to me…
by knowing,
How I could manage to touch you
touch the Soul?


Seeker has to sing own song
a seeking mood
while traversing upn
“Path of Self Realization”


Humble Wishes!!!
Gratitude: YouTube.

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