Want to Cry Today….!!!

Want to Cry Today.

Want to cry today
knowing pain, want to cry
eyes being wet ~ want to let them spill
knowing the moment want to cry
eyes want to spill and flow
its story of a word
its a moment of prayer.

But what may be the probable reason behind..???

To me,so lovely are the drop of tears,
flowing down through the corner of eyes…
marking a path upon pained dry surface of my face.

Such a precious gift of GOD…
so tender by touch but always warm,
never found a cold drop of tear..
don’t know why?

 Ah..may be…just because it marks a path..
from inside to outside..
from outside to inside,
a path traversing back upon which
one may enter to inner realm of spiritual heart,
which is the real abode of God.

Yes, I want to cry Today..
so that
this path is marked upon pained surface of my face..
to get back to my origin,
the point of origin
from where
the drop of tears originate,
to traverse from inside to out
and from outside to inside
marking the path,
the real path which is really needed.

A path which marks the path of eternal love
God being love
Love being God.


Humble Wishes!!!

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