With who should I play Holi?

With who should I play HOLI.......

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  1. Mrityunjayanand says:

    Phalgun (the season of fruitfulness and blessings ),
    the season of Basant (spring), implies unending intoxication.

    The wordily seasons come and go but when the heart is intoxicated,
    it lingers forever, the intoxication never wanes.
    This is possible only through such attributes which yield good results but only destiny (Prarabdh) helps to undertake this process.

    Destiny plays special role in such a realisation.

    “Basant Ritu Phalgun May Aawe
    Khel Yeh Prarabdh Rachawe
    Itra Gulal Gyan Rori
    Kheltey Bhar Bhar Key Jhori”
    Sings my spiritual mentor…..!!!

    Itra is an aromatic substance like perfume of the material world.
    But here it has been taken as a symbol.
    After the ultimate realisation of God,
    the odour of God starts spreading in the senses of the Yogi.
    Gulal and Rori which are used in the world for applying on the forehead during the festival of Holi, are taken as symbols in yogic system to convey the application of knowledge which has been conferred by the seers of such a state.

    This state emerges in the heart,
    so the wallets of the heart remain filled with the spiritual knowledge.

    And then sings and adds most revered Gurudeo :
    Holi Avidya Phook Key
    Ho Gaye Guptanand
    Samjhey Koi Sughar Veveki
    Kya Samjhe Matimand
    Jagat Ki Dhool Uri Khasi
    Lavni Sun Barahmasi

    After burning bonfire (Holi) of nescience the sage attains the state of Immortal Bliss. He merges with that which is occult, which is the fountain of Bliss.
    Only the enlightened can know it, not the dunces.

    All the dirt of worldliness and of the mundane existence now blew away completely. The mortality of the animate existence is vanished
    and Supreme Consciousness has started operating.

    Try to understand and go through the process of Lagan (Devotion)
    which grants communion with Supreme consciousness and
    remain engaged in the pursuits till the end is achieved.
    After that you have not to do anything.

    “Harijan Bhajan Bhed Sey Nyara”
    The Bhajan of such a devotee is unique.~[Revered Sage Kabir]

    Aankh Na Moonde Kaan Na Rundhe Kaaya Kasht Na Dharey
    Ughare Naina Saheb Dekhe Sunder Badan Nihare.
    There is no need to close the eyes or shut the ears.
    Also there is no need of physical penance.
    The open eyes visualise the charming form of Saheb (Lord).
    Now the Bhajan is no more needed still it continues.~[Revered Sage Kabir]

    It has been said to burn all your nescience through devotion.
    Vidya (knowledge) naturally vanishes……..
    the moment the contact with God is established.
    Your efforts are not needed for its annihilation.

    After the culmination of Yoga, it happens so (only Avidya is burnt).
    So let us pray to God to colour us….with HIS colour of oneness
    and to play His HOLI with us till attainment of ultimate bliss.

    With all my heartfelt love for “The most colourful Festival of Colours HOLI”
    to all my friends available on blog.

    Humble Wishes!!!

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