I am having a very strong intuition which is inspiring me to share my feelings with entire globe….!!!

Entire humanity is facing a very tough time throughout the globe at present
it has been a very difficult task to maintain the pace of each breath
under such a terrific pressure to live long.
We are struggling for life in every corner of this world
and are trying to explore all the possibilities
which can bring our daily living routines on proper track.
With all our possible efforts being done in each field by all of us,
I am having a very strong intuition
which is inspiring me to share my feelings with entire globe.
I feel that we must get first strongly inclined for heartfelt prayers
with complete dedication, devotion and total surrender to God
pray HIM to look after us with all HIS grace for our survival.
 I am sitting at this moment with verse Thirty and Thirty One from Chapter Eleven of Bhagavad Gita:
lelihyase grasamānah samantāt
tejobhirāpūrya jagatsamagram
bhāsastavogrāh pratapanti visno
ākhyāhi me ko bhavānugrarūpo
namo’stu te devavara prasīda
vijñātumicchāmi bhavantamādyam
na hi prajānāmi tava pravrttim
“Devouring all the worlds
with your flaming mouths and licking your lips,
your intense lustre is consuming the whole world
by filling it with its radiance.”
“Since I am ignorant of your nature,
O Primal Being, and wish to know its reality,
I pay my humble obeisance and pray you,
O Supreme God,
to tell me who you are in this terrible form.’’
And then, I can see this seed scripture
moving forward with all answers of such questions
which probably, as per my personal opinion,
entire globe must try to know perfectly
understand with its all transparency
without any doubt at present critical moment.
Though in present painful moment,
all are requested to submit their tearful prayers to God,
the way it personally suits to each of them
but I very humbly and cordially invite such blessed souls
who want to dive in divine ocean of Bhagavad Gita
to which I treat as Seed Scripture,
not simply to pray very humbly
but to explore the cosmic game of Supreme Power
with perfect metaphysical vision.
Most probably, this is the high time for such exploration
to introspect our inner realm
if hunger of complete purification of mind and senses
really required by heart.
 I am mentioning the links of Bhagavad Gita
( Yatharth Geeta, The Bhagavad Gita in its true perspective)
where downloads are free
one can enjoy the listening or reading of this seed scripture
which is complete metaphysical science of real Dharma.
1. https://www.yatharthgeeta.com/yatharthgeeta-audio/
2. https://www.yatharthgeeta.com/srimad-bhagavad-gita-books/
I firmly believe that our this approach will certainly bring us
a new hope to come out of this present horrible crisis
to earn the divine grace for metaphysical welfare of entire globe.

Bow down in lotus feet of revered Gurudev
for such blessings and encouragement to me
to share my feelings with entire humanity.

Humble Wishes.
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