“l am the almighty time (kal), now inclined to and engaged in the destruction of worlds….!!!

At present, with tearful eyes,
my mind has got stuck with the contents of Chapter Eleven,
Verse Thirty Two of Bhagavad Gita where Lord Krishna is singing:
कालोऽस्मि लोकक्षयकृत्प्रवृद्धो
लोकान्समाहर्तुमिह प्रवृत्तः।
kālo’smi lokaksayakrtpravrddho
lokānsamāhartumiha pravrttah
“l am the almighty time (kal),
now inclined to and engaged
in the destruction of worlds.”
Probably this is this toughest time
which the whole world is facing these days
finding no solution as how to come out from this great tragedy of human life
which has challenged the entire mankind?
Each second is bringing a huge number of deaths around the globe
entire humanity is crying in a totally depressed mood
with confused approaches.
But somehow my crying heart is compelling me
to get synchronized with my stuck mind
to sing some prayer, in lotus feet of Lord
which HIS dear disciple Arjun has made in Bhagavad Gita,
as the initial and final submission to excuse us
for our blunders and save us from this tremendous crisis.
And here are the wordings verse by verse:
“It is but right, O Hrishikesh, that men rejoice in singing praises of your name and glory,
demons flee helter-skelter out of fear of your glory,
and accomplished sages bow to you in reverence.”
“What else can they do, O Great Soul,
besides paying homage to you when you are,
O God of gods and primal energy of the universe,
the imperishable Supreme Spirit
who is beyond all being and the non-being ?”
“You, O infinite, are the primal God, eternal Spirit,
the ultimate heaven of the world, seer, worthy of realization,
the supreme goal, and the all-pervading.”
“As you are the wind, the god of death (Yamraj),
fire, the rain-god (Varun), the moon, the Lord of all creation,
and even the primal root of Brahma,
I bow before you a thousand times and even more.’’
“Since you possess, O the imperishable and almighty,
infinite prowess and are the God who is omnipresent,
you are honoured everywhere by all.’’
“I seek your forgiveness, O the infinite,
for all the indiscreet words I might have spoken to you,
for taking the undue liberty of addressing you as ‘Krishn’ and ‘Yadav’,
for any disrespect I might have inadvertently shown you in the course of frivolous dalliance or repose,
O Achyut (infallible),
or while we were together alone or with others,
out of my feeling that you are my intimate friend
because of carelessness arising from my ignorance of your true magnificence.’’
“Since no one in the three worlds can even equal you,
who are father of the animate and inanimate worlds,
the greatest of all teachers, most venerable,
and of immense magnificence,
how can anyone else be superior to you?”
“So throwing myself at your feet and bowing to you in the humblest homage,
I beseech you, O the most adorable God,
to forgive my errors as a father forgives his son,
a friend his friend and a loving husband his beloved wife.”
“Be appeased, O the infinite and God of gods,
show me your merciful form,
because although I rejoice at beholding your wondrous (all-pervading) form
which I had not viewed before,
my mind is also afflicted with terror.’’
“Since I long to see you,
O the thousand-armed omnipresent God,
as I beheld you earlier,
wearing a crown and armed with a mace and your chakr,
I pray you to resume your four-armed shape.”

I bow down in your lotus feet O’Lord and request you to be compassionate and merciful to entire humanity and to grant life to all of us for a new start with a new creativity so that we may be able to prove ourselves as it should be for welfare of the entire globe.

Humble Regards.
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