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The very first appearance of metaphysical term “Karm”/Action (pronounced as “Karma” as well) which emerged from Bhagavad Gita……!!!!

******* Yogeshwar Krishna sings in Bhagavad Gita: eṣā te’ bhihitā sānkhye buddhir yoge tu imām śṛṇu, buddhyā yukto yayā pārtha karmabandham prahāsyasi (2.39) “This knowledge which I have imparted to you, O Parth, is related to Gyan Yog, the Way … Continue reading

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Rather than dreaming…….!!!

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It is Only a Living, Totally Accomplished and Enlightened Guru who can Manage to Play the Part of Mother, Father and Grandsire, all the Three at a Time in a Single Span of Human Life…!!!

I have always been contemplating for years and years to understand exactly what Lord Krishn intends to convey to his dearest disciple Arjun when in Bhagavad Gita he sings:   “pitāhamasya jagato mātā dhātā pitāmahah”   …….“And I too am … Continue reading

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The man whose mind is clouded with vanity thinks arrogantly that he is the doer….!!!

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Desire is a terrible foe, for it deludes the Soul through the senses…..!!!

Desire is a terrible foe, for it deludes the Soul through the senses. So knowing his/her strength and with confidence in the might of his/her Soul, seeker should kill this desire-the enemy. Of course, this enemy is internal and the … Continue reading

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What is control of the mind?

Control really means being indifferent to the vagaries of the mind. It is difficult to control the mind, just as it is difficult to confine air in one’s grasp. How can anyone control the mind which is all-pervading in the … Continue reading