Action has to be accomplished….!!!

Spiritual journey is a long,very long journey
can not be summed up in a single line or single phrase.
Each word has a very deep rooted meaning in metaphysical journey
where silent transplantation and transactions are much more
than being expressed through words.

Most unfortunate part is that instead to have such findings
through tough spiritual austerities,we depend upon conceptual sharing
and verbal discussions.We are habitual of complicating spiritual wisdom with word traps
instead having transparent visions.
We always try to express to that which is inexpressible through power of fabricated knowledge to show personal glamour.
That is the reason,our journey never gets initiated though we feel to be much advanced
in path of spiritualism.

As I have been taught by revered Gurudev is that when the maladies of
vanity, brute power, lust, wrath, arrogance, and infatuation
that force one down into the ravines of nature-are rendered feeble, and virtues such as discernment, non-attachment, self-restraint, firmness of will, abiding in solitude,
and meditation-
that lead one to God-are fully developed and active,
the seeker is equipped to be united with the Supreme Being. 

It is this ability that is called transcendental faith
and it is by this that the worshipper comes to apprehend the ultimate reality.
He then knows what God is and, knowing his divine glories,
he is at once merged with him. 

Putting it differently, Brahm, reality, God, the Supreme Spirit, and Self
all substitutes for each other.
Knowing any one of them, we come to know them all.
This is the final accomplishment, the final liberation, the final goal.

So far my little understanding is concerned,the achievement of renunciation, of the ultimate cessation of good as well as evil actions, is impossible without selfless action. 

There is no way by which we may sit idly, just telling ourselves:
“I am God, pure and wise. For me there is no action and no bondage.
Even if I may appear as participating in evil, it is really only my senses functioning
according to their nature.”
There is no such hypocrisy in Sri Krishn’s words preached in Bhagavad Gita..

Even he, the Yogeshwar, cannot, without the required ordained action,
bestow the ultimate state upon a beloved friend like Arjun.
If he were able to do this,
there would be no need for the Bhagavad Gita. 

Action has to be accomplished. The stage of renunciation can be achieved
only through action
the one who does it soon realizes God.

Action has to be completed..!!!

“Humble Wishes”

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