Body is finally set now to initiate the last phase of my life…..!!!

Nature itself is a cheat.
It does not have a firm existence because it is changeable.
Because of the mutable character of nature,
person changes the face mask for gratification of own mind and senses
hunger of self appraisal
enjoy sensual pleasure as per requirement of the situation
this mortal life for survival.
Person forgets that the whole game is quite temporary
his/her naked face has to get exposed sooner or later.
It becomes the compulsion of time
eyes are not set on truth in such a state of mind.
So as is the person’s mental status,
personality gets converted in the same moulding
with an option of bearing several masks at a time.
That’s why personality becomes very deceptive
it camouflages true character.
But such who really struggle to get victory over nature,
to enter in transcendental stages,
do not need to have any mask.
Their personality is never deceptive.
With gracious compassion of most revered Gurudev,
body is finally set now to initiate the last phase of my life.

I do not know how it will end but its end is certainly
in lotus feet of my totally accomplished master
looking for further divine instructions
with necessary spiritual strength
to struggle onward for rendering my services to Him
till my soul gets finally liberated by His grace.
Humble Wishes.


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